List of published articles 2

List of published articles

AI# 1
Cross-section of Israeli architecture - 250 spectacular photographs of the top
buildings in Israel.

AI# 2
 Best buildings, five categories – public building, senior citizens' home,
synagogues, privet houses, sports facilities.

AI# 3
Five chosen Hotels - Avia Sonesta Eilat, American colony Jerusalem,
king Solomon Eilat, The Hyatt Regency Jerusalem, GAI beach hotel Tiberius.

AI# 4
Architectural Education and social status of architects. New emerging
approaches in planning privet houses.

AI# 5
Climate and Energy conscious: design of shade devices, planning for the
desert, landscape and climate, cooling towers, the solar energy center.

AI# 6
Rehabilitation as opposed to Conservation – a new research & planning
perspective of neighbourhood rehabilitation. Apartment costs as an index to the evaluation of project renewal.

AI# 7
 Towards a theory of the architectural interior- changes in interior design

AI# 8
The language and medium of architecture by prof. Moshe Safdiק.

AI# 9
Master plan of Patrick Geddes by Eliezer Frenkel
The international style in Tel-Aviv, new building near Tel-Aviv                                 
Shores. "Instant" architecture, changes in apartments (first article),
Interview with Prof.Adam Mazor – planer of master plan of tell Aviv,
Where have the squares gone? By Dani Karavan.
Thoughts on the city's image and identity – Shamai Assif, city engineer.

AI# 10
The new American landscape by Prof. p. Friedberg & prof. r. Oxman
Ben Gurion's burial site, by smadar shfi
The creation of the garden from the point of view of the landscape Architect,
Landscaping the Negev desert by Prof. Shlomo Aronson
Interview with prof. Gid'on Sarig, designer of Rock garden at
Yarkon park.
The king's garden Netanya beachfront by Netanel Ben Izhak.
Basic themes in Landscape Architecture.
Biblical "xeriscaping" – plants with low water consumption
Domestic garden by prof. Izhak Biran

AI# 11
Introduction to the exhibition Arc. Arie sivan, chairman of the steering        
Committee, Phases in oreintalism of Jerusalem architecture, by David
Kroyanker, Architecture of the 80's in Jerusalem, exhibition.
Interview with Amnn Niv, Jerusalem town engineer 1977-1988
Buyers guide – materials and services for building purposes.
Home design – furniture design and cultural identity
Bauhaus Architecture in Jerusalem, by david Gogenhaim.
12. Editorial: Patchwork details by Ami ran
Spatial details- details follows space or space follows details.
"Archi-Floral" details by  Shimon Bigelman
The return of the balcony.
Gallery – upgrading the living room, detail – quality& pleasure.
 "Production value" in Architecture .
AI# 13
Editorial – The state of the art by Dr. Ami Ran
Knowing architecture- the rise and fall of architecture knowledge
Fashion and uncertainty- Interview with Wolf Prize Recipient, 1992
Remembering the future- three projects in Berlin
Dynamic forms – Interview with prof. Bruno Zevi
Stop the "post" , I want to get off
Sketchbooks- what comes out.
The Canadian center for Architecture.
High-speed design - the influences of Ayalon highway on Tel-Aviv.

AI# 14
Noted from the Jerusalem Architectural Seminar- The private aspect of the
most public building.
The new supreme court in Jerusalem - Retrospective
Interview with prof. Kenneth Frampton
Rosemarine Condominium – Ram Carmi
An array of beautiful notes does not make a symphony
The line' The circle and the conflict – the supreme court, Ada Carmi

AI# 15
Environment – behavior relations by prof. Amos Rapoport
White cubic architecture in Hifa by arch David Knafo
New regionalism by Itzhac Meir, architect
The vestibule, Just Before, by Siona Shimshi
An Israeli tradition, Traditional Details – Architects Karmelitt & Hadar Carni
Post-modernist regionalism in Singapore – Arie Kutz architect
Lots splitting in Australia – Michael Neustein Architect
Habitat in the desert – Boaz Ben Manasseh Architects
Architect versus client – prof. James Stageberg

AI# 16
The modern mall&Its spatial organisation
Aesthetical definition of man & Ragip Buluc
Mutation of the market place – the malha mall
Successful design & the bottom line
The corner shop&The architectural turning
Shop windows design
Even the light is in the right place
The new shopping centers in Rome
The democracy of shopping
The new trends in Shop design
A short preview of projects – first glance
The street reaction

AI# 17
The aboriginal office – interview with James Wines
An exhibition in Tel-Aviv museum by Dora Gad
Company uniform styles and local variations
The IBM building in Montr?al Saluting the context
Office towers can also be friendly
Made in Israel- several office buildings
The productive workspace
Differentiated open space
Ottawa city hall – flowing light to water
Photomontage office character & image
On Martha's Vineyard – home work spaces
An architect's office in kibbutz Dahlia

AI# 18
Restaurant design – interview with Adam Tihany
In the Columbus restaurant – American discoveries
Tel-Aviv – in the steps of the Bauhaus
At the Ben-Gurion airport – T.4.2 caf?
Around the hibachi tables – the cookery ceremony
The musical design of Jordan Mozer
Illuminated aspects of design – stage settings
The Remi restaurant in New-York, design by Adam Tihany

AI# 19
The genotype, the cakes & the context – editorial
The "mental context" of heir client
Public buildings their impact on the urban fabric
Interview with Alfredo de Vino
The aesthetic aspect of architecture
Interdisciplinary discussion with the spirit of freedom in mind
An attitude not a style – critical regionalism
House in Nahal Sorek, "Architectura"

AI# 20
Uri Zohar's critique criteria – editorial
Late modernism with the view to Japanese tradition
Murphy's Law – The invisible viewer
The orchard benefits of the montage house
The laughter at the end' by Ronit Werker
The Golda Meir center - nothing to be ashamed of
View to Barcelona architecture Spanish delight
Handsome gesture 1995 furniture exhibition
The aqueduct' the sunlight & the inanimate attributes of Caesarea
Modernist contemplations interview with Richard Meier

AI# 21
The architectural Jargon – editorial
The new design code of Jerusalem
Architectural events review
Solar energy conservation – roof technologies
The rich port of Puerto Rico
Talk with architect I. M. Goodovitch – cigarettes 'tin foil models
Isozaki's conflict with memory and history
Italo Calvino and recent changes in interior design by Dr.Ami Ran

AI# 22
The tail of the horn – editorial by Ami ran
The Carmel terraces, arch. Fabriburz Sahba
Better a drawing broad than an administrative desk by Dr.Ami ran
Urban continuity and personal expression - Dan&Miri keiser, Ilan Lekner
The principle of the Indian kaleidoscope – Balkrishna Doshi's organic
Entrepreneurs are still in the 1950's – house layout
A year has passed - Eldar Sharon

AI# 23
If you don ask how will you know – editorial by Dr.Ami ran
A sun ray is more then just a source of light – A.J Diamond architect
Gordon Cullen's concise landscape
An interview with architect Shin Takamatsu
An interview with architect Uri Shetrit
The move from old Jaffa to Nahnani st. – visions that fill your eyes when they
are closed
Architecture is merely an art, and homeowners are not patrons – by Rachel
Ben Aharon.

AI# 24
Utopia' nostalgia and reality – editorial
An interview with architects Moshe Safdie
Activating shadow devices
Look replaces essence – the architectural magazines
Form does not necessarily follows function
Architectural events review
Green contextology – man to man through place

AI# 25
Plastic flowers and architectural integrity by Dr.Ami Ran
New energy forum at bad Oeyenhausen, Germany – The harmonious
cacophony of Frank Gehry.
Ethical conservation – The case study of oia in Santorini
Between the rocks of Eilat & the Dan Eilat hotel – Dr.ami Ran
Interview with architect David Guggenheim
The architecture of Ada Karni-Melmede
Two buildings in the campus of Rishon le Tzion
The loft and stage design dialogue
Architectural events review

AI# 26
Code and accreditation – editorial by Dr. Ami Ran.
Emphasis on locality in the Israeli Pavilion – at the Venice bianaleInterview with architect Glenn Murcutt – The language of place – Elli Bloom.
Naval Architecture – Yacht design – Carmit Hirsh.
A chat with architect Baruch Baruch – The proof is in the thinking process –
Ami Ran, Architect.
Architectural events review – curiosity – Sigal Cohen – Skali
Levantines, Yet intelligent with a sense of humor – Mediterranean
Architecture – Rachel Ben-Aharon.
Should Israel's cultural course change? To the south – The sun, to the west –
the sea – Yaron Turel, Architect

AI# 27
Don’t put an obstacle in front of a blind man – Editorial – Rachel Ben Aharon
Benefitting from a traditional society – Japanese architects – Dan Frietig
Interview with Architect Perla Kaufman – Ami Ran, Architect
Architects versus curators – Lighting in museums – Ilan Kariv, Architect
Dynamic architecture and the wonders of progress – Ami Ran, Architect
Architectural events review – curiosity – Siona Shimshi
A house from Ruchi's anthology – Architect: Yoav Messer – photo: Eyal Graif

AI# 28
What is "Building presence"? editorial – Ami Ran, Architect
The very metaphoric frameworks – interview with Melvin Charney
The open class room ideal & the closed kindergarten reality – Rachel Ben-
Between landscape and architecture – landscape architecture – Prof. Peter
Real is everything that stands the test of time – interview with Giora Ben-Dov
– Ami Ran, Architect
Architects crumbs are food for young designers – Arad Sharon, Architect
The open class room ideal & the closed kindergarten reality – Rachel Ben-
A house in Tel Aviv and a house in the Arava – Non-contextual ideology –
Yaron Turel, Architect

AI# 29
Architects' freedom of expression – editorial – Architect Ami Ran
Michael Sorkin's urban fantasies – Interview with Prof. Sorkin – Architect Alan
Artists square and gallery – Netanya promenade – Architect Nettanel Ben
The city, the cliff and the sea – Netanya – Architect Doron Ohali
Architecture in North America – interview with Prof. Tzunis – Prof. Siona
Landscape projects review – A plot of landscape – Architect Alan Chol
It takes integration to create variation – Egebjerggard Quarter, Copenhagen – Architect Ilan Kariv.
Environmentally responsive roof design – Form follows sunshine – Architect
David Pearlmutter
Interview with Architect Adeeb Daoud – Jacob's ladder – Architect Ami Ran
Architectural events review – curiosity – Rachel Ben-Aharon.
Imaginative associations – The origin of the interior design concept – Rachel

AI# 30
The bridge over the river slipshod – editorial – Architect Ami Ran
Nerve is what it may well be about – interview with Prof. Peter Cook –
Architect Ami Ran & Rafi Reich
Two steps away from Jerusalem – Memories from Amman – Interior designer
Dany Prigat.
From the sketch of the idea to the building and back – Prof. Siona Shimshi
Enriching the experience – conveying high impact color messages – Architect Judith Ruttenberg
Architectural events review – curiosity – Rachel Ben-Aharon
Good architecture starts from the smells that come from the neighbor's
kitchen – Architect Osvaldo Stav
Wandering in endless abstract spaces  - A "stolen" discussion with Sefi Rodav

AI# 31
Editorial, Lost Honor (Ami Ran); Three Exhibitions, At the End of the
Millennium (Sonia Shimshi); End of the Monopoly, A Frank Talk with Prof.
Dani Shefer (Ami Ran); A Plot of Landscape, Raising Flora on Artificial
Bedding (Itzhak Biran); Interview with Architect Moshe Tzur, Perfect Answers,
Optimal Solutions (Ami Ran); Curiosity, Architectural Events Review (Rachel
Ben Aharon); Meaning and Myth, The Shrine of the Book (Alan Cohl); The
Mediterranean Landscape, Representation, Design and Identity (Alexander

AI# 32
Editorial, No Milk Today (Ami Ran); Graduate of the Tokyo Institute of
Technology, From Edo to Tokyo in 400 Years (Arie Kutz); The Suburb, The
Bazaar and, The Impermeable Grand Mall (Ami Ran); Enabling the Disabled,
An Approach to Planing roe the Disabled (Dani Prigat); Yesterday a Prison,
Today a University Campus, Out of South Africa (Arad Sharon); What's
Bothering Sefi's Friends, A meeting in Memory of Architect Sefi Rodav (Guri Kravitz); Curiosity, Architectural Events Review (Rachel Ben Aharon);
Adaptation 1, One House (Hillit Mazor); Adaptation 2, One Apartment (Hillit Mazor).

AI# 33
Editorial, Not in the Footsteps oh the Elephants (Ami Ran); 50 Years of
Architecture, as Reflected in Jerusalem's Buildings (David Kroyanker);
Encounters, The Vernacular Paradox of Israeli Architecture (Ami Ran);
Curiosity, Architectural Events Review (Rachel Ben Aharon). 33. Not in the
footsteps of the elephants – editorial – Ami Ran, Architect
50 years of architecture as reflected in Jerusalem's buildings – Architect David
The vernacular paradox of Israeli architecture – encounters – Ami Ran,
The Palmach history museum, Tel Aviv
City hall compound, Jerusalem
Kolker – Kolker –Epstein; Bugod-Figueierdo-Niv-Krendel
The supreme court, Jerusalem
Synagogue, Kiryat Yearim
Valley of the communities, Jerusalem
Shalom Hartman institute, Jerusalem
Manhat compound, Jerusalem
Biotechnology building, Tel Aviv university
Tambour compound, Acre
The Faculty of law, Rishon Lezion
Sports hall, Shoam
Primary school, Modiin
High school, Abu Gosh
Religious primary school, Modiin
Primary school, Netanya
Kindergarten, old city of acre
Private house, Savyou
Private house, Atlit
Private house, Nahal Soreq
Private house, Arsuf
Private house, North Tel Aviv
Restored office building, Tel Aviv
Renovated apartment house, Tel Aviv
David's village, Mamilla, Jerusalem
Communal settlement, Reut
The mormon university, Jerusalem
Restoration of historic Zichron Yaakov
Kalisher art college, Tel Aviv
Yad layeled museum, Kibbutz lohamei hagetaot
Eilat courthouse
Givatayim theater
Beit Gabriel, sea of galilee
Architectural events review- curiosity – Rachel Ben-Aharon

AI# 34
Editorial, Most Users Have Small to Medium (Ami Ran); A Question of
Perfection, Between Architect & Philosopher (Joseph Agassi); Waldorf
Experimental School, Kibbutz Harduf, Galilee (Frances Shira Shenton); Chat
with Architects A.Kaplan & Y.Amit, From Bach to Rahat (Ami Ran); In Memory
of Gymnasia Herzeliya, And for the Glory of Tel Aviv (Ami Ran); The Silent
Houses & Secret Gardens, An Oasis at the Heart of the city (Michal Kucik);
Curiosity, Architectural Events Review (Rachel Ben Aharon); The Inner
Courtyard, And All Her Sisters (Hillit Mazor); Following the Jerusalem
Seminar, Interview With Ricardo Legorrete (Alan Cohl).

AI# 35
Editorial, High Voltage (Ami Ran); Alvar Aalto, Centenary of His Birth
(Gavriela Nusssbaum); In Architecture as in Art, Spontaneity Preferred (Arad Sharon), A Personal Scale- Interview, Architects N/Meltzer & G.Igra (Ami Ran); Remembering, Architect Gad Asher (Hillit Mazor); Curiosity, Review of Architectural Events (Rachel Ben Aharon); Notes from the Bookshelf, Libraries: The Image Syndrome (Alan Cohl); House of the Season, , Review of  Houses and Flats (Shira shenton).

AI# 36
Editorial, Holy Cows in Deep Water (Ami Ran); Burial as a way of Life,
Changes in Burial Methods ( Uri Ponger & Tuviah Sagiv);  I came to Criticize; I
Left in Praise, A Sortie to Bilbao (Arad Sharon); Independence Park,
Homosexual Domain (Dafna Hirsch); You Don't Always Get What You Want,
The Parable of Holon's Parks (Siona Shimshi); Something to Think About, A Concept Factory (Iris Givoli); curiosity, Review of Architectural Events (Rachel Ben Aharon); Selected Details, Original Use of Building Materials (Hillit Mazor); Color, Definitely a functional Element (Judith Ruttenberg); House Of  the Season, Peruvian Consulate, Herzliya (Shira Shenton).

AI# 37
Editorial, the Election Train (Ami Ran); the Planning and Building of, The
Knesset (Susan Hattis Rolef); Photo Exhibition, The Naked Orange Grove
(Ada Namani); the Khazneh, the SIQ and the Cardo, Passage to Petra
(Shlomit Shalgo); Hospital and Hospitality, Hospital Architecture (Ami Ran);
Landscape Corner, Martha Schwartz's Squares (Shira Shenton); Curiosity,
Review of Architectural Events (Rachel Ben Aharon); Cry Out ye Lost Land,
the Silo of Ramat Hadar (Irit Amit); House of the Season, Review of
Apartments and Houses (Rachel Ben Aharon).

AI# 38
Editorial, Were Do You Go To, My Lovely (Ami Ran); Interview with Yaacov
Yaar, Kaplan in the Men's Room (Ami Ran); Deciphering Architectural
Messages, Symbols or Mind Games (Yehoshua Amit); Berlin, Ten Years After
the Wall (Dani Prigat); Collegial Competitions, Over the Campus (Moshe
Atsmon); Interior Design, New Trends in Restaurant Design (Hillit Mazor);
Curiosity, Review of Architectural Events (Rachel Ben Aharon); House of The
Season, Review of Apartments and Houses (Shira Shenton).

AI# 39
Editorial: How much Rice for the Third Millennium? (Ami Ran); Out of the
Religious Strait Jacket, The Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem (Susan Hattis Rolef);
32% Make Do with One Stay, New Trends in Prison Design (Siona Shimshi);
Between Hackney and "Nachlaot", Neighborhood Rehabilitation (Dudi
Tolkovsky & Ayelet Shalev); Interview with Avraham Yasky, "Fell Off a Lorry"
(Ami Ran); Interior Design, New Trends in Office Design (Hillit Mazor);
Curiosity, Review of Architectural events (Rachel Ben Aharon); House of the Season, , Review of Apartments and Houses (Shira Shenton).

AI# 40
Editorial Words for the Occasion, Buds of Culture (Ami Ran); 20th Century
Folks, Who Said What (R.Udi- Li); Architect Artist Marcelo Fiszman, The
Space Between (Udit Lorraine Belkine); Cubes Over the River Blaak, Architect Piet Blom (Arad Sharon); The Comforts of Eilat, The Beauty of Dahab (Rachel Ben Aharon); Guardian of Jerusalem's Beauty, Architect David Anatol Brutzkus (Ami Ran); Interior Design, Thematic Design in Hotels (Hillit Mazor);
Curiosity, review of Architectural events (Rachel Ben Aharon); House of the  Season, selected apartments and houses (Shira Shenton).

AI# 41
Editorial, Winding Road to Democracy (Ami Ran); Architect Amnon
Alexandroni, Twilights of Sunrise (Ami Ran); Not Dead Yet, The Shop Vs the  Mall (Shira Shenton); Settlements Around the Dead Sea, Legacy of Mixed
Blessings (Udit Lorrain Belkine); A Matter of Fortune, Mature Building for the Aged (Ami Ran & Moshe Margalith); Bruno Zevi, Words in his Memory (Iris Aravot); Build Your Home, While You're Young (Rachel Ben Aharon);
Curiosity, Review of Architectural events (Rachel Ben Aharon); Interiors,
Natural Light as a Starting Point (Hillit Mazor).

AI# 42
Editorial, Less words more Architecture (Ami Ran); The Abstract Context of
"Morphosis", Interview with Thom Mayne (Ami Ran); Third Millennium Trends,
It's All in the message (Siona Shimshi); Droog Design, Back to Basics with a Twist (Alex Ward); The Silence of Bet Gamal, a harmony of Naive Simplicity
(Udit Lorrain Belkine); From Frank Gehry to Hans Hollein, Via Bruno Zevi
(Ronit Eden); House of the Season, , Review of Apartments and Houses (Shira Shenton); The Wonders of the Israeli Pavilion, At the Venice Biennale (Udi- Lir.); Curiosity, Review of Architectural events (Rachel Ben Aharon).

AI# 43
Editorial, Of Neighbors and Brutalism (Ami Ran); Montage of Attractions,
Interview with Bernard Tschumi (Alan Cohl); From Venice to Hannover, The 7th Biennale & Expo 2000 (Siona Shimshi); Beer Sheva, In the Age of the Train (Hillit Mazor& Mati Kones); New Phases of te Elongated Space, At the Kimmel-Eshkolot Practice (Ami Ran); House of the Season,  - Rooftop
Apartment; Curiosity, Review of Architectural events (Rachel Ben Aharon);
Feng Shui: A Relevant Philosophy?, Wisdom of Balanced Architecture (Ayelet Shalev).

AI# 44
Editorial, The Search for Authenticity (Ami Ran); Paris can take it, The
Expressionist Architecture of Frederic Borel (Rachel Ben Aharon); The Cite,
International Center for Arts (Siona Shimshi); The "Religious", Staggered
Balconies (Udit Lorrain Belkine with A. Prigat and Y. Barlach); The Semiotic
Steel, of Haim Dotan (Hillit Mazor); Cross Israeli Highway, Connecting or
Dividing the Country?, (Ami Ran); House f the Season, Between L and S
(Shira Shenton); Curiosity, Review of Architectural events (Rachel Ben

AI# 45
Editorial, Authority and Domination (Ami Ran); Waste Water Treatment
Plants, We Have the Technology (Ami Ran & Yair Folkman); The Shoah is not a Show, Design of Holocaust Museums (Siona Shimshi); Vistas From Above, On the Fifth Elevation (Hillit Mazor); What does Function Say about Form, The Architecture of Yacov Rechter (Ami Ran); Between Form and Aesthetics, to Title or not to Title (Shira Shenton); Curiosity, Review of Architectural events (Rachel Ben Aharon); Until the Wind Changes, Doron Gazit's Wind Sculptures (Udit Lorrain Belkine).

AI# 46
Architect (Ami Ran) Editorial  ,Pleasant Ride with no risk.
Architect( lilach paz,)  architecture at the  horizon. interview with Gert Windgardh (Eyal Shani)  controlled exposure,  young designers.
Landscape Architect (Bruce Levin)  ,Townscsaping the fragmented.Haifa’s new scenic route (Udit Lorraine Belkine)  ,private moments in minimal conditions ,public toilets, (Rachel ben Aharon)  curiosity, review of architectural events, (Ami ran) watching tv or gazing at the silhouette, (Ganit Mayslits Kassif & Udi Kassif)   

AI# 47
Architect (Ami Ran) editorial -  I herbey notify all my neighbors
(Udit Lorraine Belkine)  ,How the mighty are fallen, the collapse of the twin towers Dr . Hillit Mazor  ,entiries exits and in between.
Architect Ami Ran,  text and context  ,the readers are gettung tired,
Landscape Architect Bruce Levin ,Iris Hochman, scenery  ,focal points accessibility & shade  ,vital elements in planning promenades,
(Architect Ami Ran) three schools  ,one teacher  ,Architect Yechiel Korin,

AI# 48
Ami Ran - Editorial - good intentions do not constitute guarantee.
Iris Hochman new look for a landmark ,competition
Architect Ami Ran - a random meeting between square and circle
Varda d. Sarnat ; Udit lorraine Belkine  , graffiti ,legitimate vandalism
Dr Hillit Mazor  ,penal center
for mental health (Dr. Ami Ran),  Herod’s Hotel, Eilat   interview with architect Yoav Igra, Curiosity  ,review of architectural events (Rachel Ben Aharon), Shira Shenton, Two houses  ,Simple Yet not simplistic

AI# 49
Dr .Ami Ran From the editors desk  ,its all in the coffee,
Udit Lorraine Belkine  ,Comparative critique  ,Hotel Ramon and Tabgha hostel. Varda  Sarnat  and Dr Ami Ran  - High-rise, not the only way.
Dr  Hillit  Mazor  ,Israeli House in Caesarea -  Architectural Workshop;
 Contrast & Complement - Interview with Architects Amir Mann & Ami Shinar ; Curiosity  - Review of Architectural events ((Rachel Ben Aharon);
Shira Shenton - House of the Season,  Countryside corner house.

AI# 50
Dr . Ami  Ran,  from the editors desk, Dickens and Escher
Dr. Hillit Mazor - Babi-Yar heritage & community centre ,Kiev;
Tigran Hasic;  Time, light and space; Richard Meier’s architecture (Sharon Meitlis),  public opportunity 1 ,IBM research & Development Center (Robert Reikmans) , public opportunity  2 ,government energy center (Rachel Ben Aharon) ,public opportunity 3 , Government offices complex (Ami Ran); Varda d Sarnat , Architectural charrette, building near the shore; Curiosity - review of architectural events;
Shira Shenton,  House of the Season, , integrated versus freestanding.

AI# 51
Dr. Ami Ran  from the editors desk  ,much ado about nothing
Dr, Hillit Mazor, demographic ego-trip, the Emperors New Clothes
Rachel Ben Aharon,  Architectural Charrete , architecture versus urbanism
Dr. Hillit Mazor ,between sculpture and environment, Aarale Ben Arieh landmarks (Dr. Ami Ran) ; Sceptical Modernism -  Kolker - Kolker -Epstein Architects.
Rachel Ben Aharon - Curiosity, review of architectural events.
Shira Shenton- House of the Season,”cool” - not necessarily costly.

AI# 52
Dr. Ami Ran  from the editors desk - climbing mount sinai ; small talks with four deans of architecture - interview by Ami Ran;
Rachel Ben Aharon,  competition, Israel Antiquities Authority center;
Architect David Kroyanker - documentation incentive for conservation;
Dr.Hillit Mazor  architecture charrette , climate conscious architecture
Robert Reikmans, sustainable benefits, the bran and the gallery
Rachel Ben Aharon ,curiosity, review of architectural events
Shira Shenton,  House of the Season,   ,House in wahat elsalam

AI# 53
Dr.Ami Ran  ,from the editors desk  , corruption or coincidence
Alberto Cruzs open city, Valaparaiso (Architect Netanel Mayer).
Rachel Ben Aharon ,competition  ,Israel board of trade offices;
Dr, Michael Chyutin .Dr, Hillit Mazor, Translated and improved  -  Beit Lohamei Hagetaot - competition;  In the eye of the Photographer - Amit Geron’s works; Rechter Prize for Architecture finalists.
Rachel Ben Aharon , curiosity ,review of architectural events.
Shira Shenton - House of the Season, between two walls.

AI# 54
Dr. Ami Ran,  editorial - the Shocken Case for instance.
Rachel Ben Aharon ,we are all sustainable ,green community in Beit Shean.
Architect Peter Keinan ,Portugal , Architecture in the age of the masses
Dr. Ami Ran,  closing a circle , interview with architect Moshe Safdie
Dr.Ami Ran , post and poseur ,postmodern itches
Dr.Hillit Mazor  ,arcod,less flamboyant ,more user friendly.
Rachel Ben Aharon  curiosity, review of architectural events.
Shira Shenton,  House of the Season, ,the courtyard house at mount tabor

AI# 55
Dr.Ami Ran ,Editorial, open letter to all liberal professions.
Architect Ram Aharonov ,  a different opera , the architecture of sir Michael Hopkins; Architect Moshe Atzmon - You get what you Deserve -  poor man’s urban planning.
Dr. Ami Ran ,wonderful conservation? case study on UNESCO's designations.
Dr . Ami Ran  privatized companion ,architectural embrace of A.B. Tichnun.
Rachel Ben Aharon  ,curiosity ,review of architectural events.
Shira Shenton,  House of the Season, ,rhythms and rituals

AI# 56
Dr.Ami Ran - Editorial - not all is vanity  ,my dear reader
Dr. Iris Aravot, Netzstadt - A net model for urban design.
Dr. Ami Ran - a sense of proportion - sacred numbers in architecture.
Architect Arad Sharon ,who placed the camel on the kunsthal, Rem Koolhaas and the junk-spaces.
Dr.Ami Ran, the hidden machine - between high tech and good-tech.
Rachel Ben Aharon, curiosity, review of architectural events.
Bonnie Evans House of the Season, ,two houses designed by young architects.

AI# 57
Dr. Ami Ran,Editorial  ,the east bank of the western thought
Architect Allen Kohl,  the new addition, the tel aviv museum of art
Dr . Hillit Mazor  , Place of refuge, the house in the  Galilee.
Dr. Ami Ran  ,if ever I forgot thee, remind me ,renewal plan for Jerusalem City Center.
Architect Arad Sharon,  winery at kibbutz Yiron, Weinstein Vaadia Architects,
Rachel Ben Aharon  curiosity ,review of architectural events
Bonnie Evans  - House of the Season, the sound of silence

AI# 58
Dr. Ami Ran ,editorial kulla bulla and chnuna
Dr.Ami Ran - sculptural dimension of architectural - the truth between form and  content.
Dr.Hillit Mazor ,What hides behind “Green Architecture”,stepping forward ,looking back.
Bonnie Evans ,House of the Season,  House in Ramat Hasharon.
Rachel Ben Aharon , Curiosity - review of architectural events.
Dr. Ami Ran  ,Lets talk about formalism ,A talk with Prof.Moshe Zur

AI# 59
Dr. Ami Ran  ,editorial David king of Israel
Rachel Ben Aharon  ,the old city of Venice as parable, the 9th biennale of architecture.
Dr. Ami Ran  ,end of melancholy era ,  the human dimension.
Dr.Hillit Mazor  - Ben Gurion terminal 3 - Israel’s new international airport .
Bonnie Evans,  House of the Season - on the slopesGalilee
Rachel Ben Aharon  ,curiosity ,review of architectural events.
Architect Arad Sharon - patrons of architecture, the symbiotic relationship.

AI# 60
Dr.Ami Ran ,editorial -If we give up ideas ,we are left with stones
Dr.Ami Ran,  the renewal plan for Lifta ,where times stands still
Dr.Ami Ran  - downtown Tiberias - the Scots Hotel.
Dr.Ami Ran , chat with Tzadik and Elie Eliakim, depositing your ego ain’t easy
Rachel Ben Aharon ,trends in interior design, transient benefit
Dr. Hillit Mazor   - air force structures, the aerial privilege.
Rachel Ben Aharon ,Curiosity - review of architectural events.
Bonnie Evans, Karmi Melamede’s  layered architecture ,the space between the walls.

AI# 61
Dr.Ami Ran  ,editorial -one should not demolish
Richard Benishai,  the influence of underlying energies, invisible architecture
Dr.Ami Ran,  dialogue with Zeev  Drukman  ,amongst other off-the shelf items
Rachel Ben Aharon, architect Eli Armon, the flaw of the opponent
Dr.Ami Ran ,minimalist versus saturated, the collapsing point.
Rachel Ben Aharon, curiosity  - review of architectural events.
Dr. Hillit Mazor,  the new Yad Vashem Museum, justice will rupture the mountain.

AI# 62
Dr.Ami Ran ,editorial -one more reincarnation ,bruno
Erez Golani-solomon - Christian Dimmer  - Shinonome Canal Court ,Tokyo - the private case of public space.
Dr.Ami Ran  - Israel embassies in the east - things we can’t see from here.
Dr.Ami Ran  A dialogue with architect Dan Reuveni, intuitive objectification.
Dr.Hillit Mazor  ,plan for renovation of the Mann Auditorium, whose building is this?
Bonnie Evans,  House of the Season, , light slits in the extension
Rachel Ben Aharon with Eran Kaftan, passive  ,yet not indifferent, cellular shading method.
Rachel Ben Aharon - curiosity - review of architectural events.
Dr.Ami Ran  psychotic aspects of the profession - I know -I am not necessarily aware.

AI# 63
Dr. Ami Ran  ,editorial,  surrealist digitation
Rachel Ben Aharon  ,Ben Yehuda House, Jerusalem, enforced, yet manageable marriage.
Dr.Ami Ran,  the missed opportunity of competitions, not all of us dream of the lottery.
Architect Yasha Grobman  ,the digital era, revolution or evolution
Dr.Ami Ran,  biological clock operates analogously, the digital paradox.
Natalie Mann, top Doran event hall,  Rehovot, styling the lifestyle.
Dr. Hillt  Mazor ,supporting buildings at the Ben Gurion Airport, from hovering roofs to the boulevard.
Rachel Ben Aharon ,Curiosity - review of architectural events.
Shira Shenton, Epic nightclub  - Ramat Hahayal  - Zvika’s magic performance.
Bonnie Evans, House of the Season, ,  the house on Elisha Street.

AI# 64
Dr.Ami Ran ,editorial, thank you  ,Federbusch
Dr.Ami Ran & Tomer  Naui,  between odors and urban depth ,urban smells
Architect Arie Bar-On ,prosperous malls and dying streets ,streets battles.
Shira Shenton,  Shazar elementary school, Neve Offer ,not merely cosmetics.
Dr. Ami Ran, Skorka Architects ,dialogue with the cypress grove.
Gavriela  Nussbaum, timber structures ,the Finnish Renaissance
Rachel Ben Aharon curiosity ,review of architectural events.
Bonnie Evans, House of the Season, , the invisible flat.
Dr. Hillit  Mazor, Architect Hava Baram, Rabin center for Israel studies ,the paradigm wall.

AI# 65
Dr.Ami Ran ,editorial, the iq behind the asterisks
David Kroyanker, Jerusalem center ,Jaffa street as case study
Dr. Hillit  Mazor ,the tel aviv college  ,Jaffa, the image is in the building.
Dr.Ami Ran, dialog with  Zeev Druckmann, you need deep water for fat fish.
Shira Shenton ,interiors without chewed up cliches, more  concept, less pretense.
Dr,Ami Ran - the 2005 Milan trade fair - Fuksas’s Veil.
Rachel Ben Aharon - the secrets of heaven -  Feng Shui Icons.
Rachel Ben Aharon, curiosity ,review of architectural events.
Bonnie Evans ,House of the Season,   ,between architecture and house.
Tomer Naui, Hillit  Mazor - Plot=JDS + BIG, the split plot.

AI# 66
Dr.Ami Ran ,editorial -in Herzliya they fight the trees.
Dr.Alex Krupitsky ,Dr Ami Ran, ensembles , no such notion.
Gerald Grusin ,Dr Ami Ran  - Between Mendelssohn and Rechter - A real story about BInyanei  Ha’uma.
Asher Elbaz,auroville, Mira Alfassa’s kibbutz.
Dr.Ami Ran,yasky corner of Karmi-Melamede, turning point at Ben Gurion campus.
Bonnie Evans, House of the Season, , the common zen,
Rachel Ben Aharon ,curiosity , review of architectural events.
Bonnie Evans  ,personalized transactions  ,new look for banks.
Dr. Hillit Mazor , The Dutch avant-Garde,Erick Van Egeraat.

AI# 67
Dr.Ami Ran ,editorial -project 2006 of the year award.
Dr.Ami Ran, project of the year award, research works category.
Shira Shenton ,project of the year award, students category.
Bonnie Evans  ,project of the year award ,conceptual projects category.
Dr. Hillit  Mazor,  project of the year award, landscape category.
Rachel Ben Aharon,  project of the year award, interior design category.
Rachel Ben Aharon  ,curiosity , review of architectural events.

AI# 68
Dr.Ami Ran, editorial -its hrd to be professional
Zvika El-Az,beenthere, Rubio’s @ and some others
Shira Shenton ,architectural esperanto, reconstructed Caesarea Port.
Dr.Ami Ran ,can’t see the sea for the fish, where precisely lay the poetics
Dr. Hillit Mazor ,well designed ,not necessarily costly
Rachel Ben Aharon,  curiosity ,review of architectural events.
Rachel Ben Aharon ,project of the year award, second phase nominees 2006

AI# 69
Dr.Ami Ran ,editorial - flowers & neighbors
Sharon Gur-Zeev ,experimental ,associative parametric design.
Shira Shenton ,interiors , renovated Neptune hotel ,Eilat
Dr.Ami Ran ,food for thought , hetrogenous omelet.
Dr. Hillit  Mazor  public space ,new Rishon Letsion municipality.
Bonnie Evans ,House of the Season,  ,house in the Sharon.
Rachel Ben Aharon ,curiosity , review of architectural events.
Rachel Ben Aharon ,Ada Karmi Melamede, Yaacov Yaar, recipients of 2007 ,Israel prize.

AI#  70
Dr.Ami Ran  ,editorial -unruly hairs.
Dr. Hillit Mazor - Sejima & Nishizawa, around the world Sanaa.
Architect  Dr. Ami Ran  ,handicapped architects, equal rights for the handicapped.
Arcitect Dr. Ami Ran ,food for thought ,the added value of additions.
Shmulik  Bachar, inside out ,the caravan in gotlieb’s junkyard.
Rachel Ben Aharon ,competition results ,tourist attraction  ,Jerusalem.
Bonnie Evans, beyond the mantle ,loblolly house.
Dr. Hillit  Mazor,  concrete & the rest ,the Alon Building for HI-TECH
Rachel Ben Aharon ,curiosity review of architectural events.
Shira Shenton, House of the Season, , adornment - less gray.

AI# 71
Dr.Ami Ran ,editorial - zlicha if I exaggerated
Dr.Hillit  Mazor ,sukkot, make -shift vs.the dancing porch
Architect Dr.Ami Ran ,food for thought ,hothouses in the summer and tents in the winter.
Architect Dr . Ami Ran, tophographoloy, stationary & dynamic in Shlomo Aronson’s work.
Rachel Ben Aharon, patron’s court,the competition for the Jerusalem courthouse.
Shira Shenton ,House of the Season,  ,style with a house.
Rachel Ben Aharon, competition results, tourists attraction  ,Jerusalem
Bonnie Evans  ,asymptote, tangent to an infinite curve.

AI# 72
Dr.Ami Ran ,editorial -want a bit abroad.
Project of the year, students category.
Project of the year, research category.
Project of the year ,Landscape category
Project of the year, Unbuilt projects category.
Project of the year,  Interior Design
Rachel Ben Aharon  ,curiosity ,review of architectural events.
Project Of The Year  ,Buildings Category

AI# 73
Dr. Ami Ran ,editorial, flattening  mount tabor
Dr.Ami Ran  ,Maayan Aliman, cities sans urbanism, eastern docklands, Amsterdam.
Dr.Ami Ran  , cyberscape, where do virtual relations take place.
Bonnie Evans,  Dutch daring, Winka Dubbeldam-archi-tectonics.
Dr.Hillit Mazor  ,meeting at the junction,Microsoft Israel offices , Ra’anana.
Shira Shenton ,flat for two or three,symmetry-not necessarily a bad word.
Rachel Ben Aharon  ,Curiosity - review of architectural events,
Arcitecture Of Israel ,Project of the year ,honorary mentions.

AI# 74
Dr.Ami Ran ,editorial -   .
Dr.Hillit Mazor ,Shenkar college competition ,master plan and Azrieli building.
Rachel Ben Aharon ,joy/sadness, architect’s illustrating abstract ideas.
Shira Shenton, landscape,Australian garden.
Bonnie Evans ,parametric ecology, sir Nicholas Grimshaw’s dynamic mantles.
Dr. Ami Ran  ,climate - campus Sde Boker, Ben Gurion university of the Negev.
Rachel Ben Aharon ,curiosity, review of architectural events.
Dr. Hillit Mazor  ,Atlantis adventure, domain for lost parents.
Dr.Ami Ran ,space appropriation ,the private aspect of public space.

AI# 75
Dr.Ami Ran, editorial -saintly month
Bonnie Evans ,Abba Elhanani- 1918-2008 .
Dr.Ami Ran ,no man’s land, the seas canal and intelligent alternatives.
Prof.Siona Shimshi  ,Villa Tugendhat  ,Brno 1928-30,House of the 20th century.
Dr. Hillit Mazor ,the canteen as a smile, IDF building center encourages creativity.
Shira Shenton ,House of the Season, , roof flat ,12 Mazeh Street,Tel -Aviv.
Rachel Ben Aharon,  curiosity ,review of architectural events.
Dr.Ami Ran,  Hi -Tech is sometimes, yearning for a low -tech house.

AI# 76
Dr,Ami Ran - editorial -the uncertainty of routine.
Project Of The Year,  unbuilt projects category.
Project Of The Year  landscape category.
Project Of The Year,   student category.
Project Of The Year,  research category.
Project Of The Year, interior design category.
Rachel Ben Aharon,  curiosity ,review of architectural events.
Project Of The Year ,buildings category.

AI# 77
Dr.Ami Ran ,editorial -jeans or karmi
Hillit Mazor  ,the environmental “self”,Kibbutz Neot Smadar,Shizafon junction.
Prof.Ram Karmi  / Dr. Ami Ran ,between the technological devil,final project-whence.
Bonnie Evans ,imagine without, new building at the knesset domain,
Osvaldo Stav ,the umbrella and the coiffure  ,protection -inherent architecture.
Dr. Ami Ran ,got ya !  and we shall act, ambient intelligence, who’s vs . whom.
Rachel Ben Aharon ,curiosity ,review of architectural events.
Shira Shenton,  House of the Season,  , house in Herzliya pituah.

AI# 78
Dr.Ami Ran,  editorial -to die from heat or stupidity.
David Lloyd Jones ,the next generation ,from sustainable to transformable.
Rachel Ben Aharon ,green and other colors of battle, the meaning of colors.
Emilio Ambasz;  Ami Ran ,between dear Emilio & Arch . Ambasz, Emilio Amasaz’s green buildings.
Dr. Hillit Mazor , Gesundheit ,the new Assuta hospital , Tel - Aviv.
Shira Shenton ,House of the Season,  , house in Herzliya pituach.
Rachel Ben Aharon,  curiosity ,review of architectural events.
Bonnie Evans  ,Cafe’ Tav,Tav group interactive architecture.

AI# 79
Dr.Ami Ran, editorial  pride and prejudice.
Dr. Hillit Mazor , time and user test  ,who has the final word.
Shira Shenton  to delft and back  ,chatting with Uri Cohen.
Benamy Turkienicz / Ami Ran,  soft software, softest performance oriented software. Buren Kart, Norwegian wood,  Jensen  &   architects.
Rachel Ben Aharon ,  curiosity , review of architectural  events.
Dr. Ami Ran , added value houses, the synergic dimension of architecture.

AI# 80
Dr. Ami Ran,  editorial, faq israeli style.
Project Of The Year , Arieh Eldar Sharon prize for students.
Project Of The Year , E. Ambasz award for green architecture.
Project Of The Year, research category.
Project Of The Year, Unbuilt category.
Project Of The Year, Landscape category.
Rachel Ben Aharon,  curiosity , architectural events.
Project Of The Year, Interior design category.
Project Of The Year, Buildings category.

AI# 81
Dr Ami Ran,  editorial - when love is converted to money.
Architect Eli Majus,  Know thy origins., Israel 1939-1956.
Dr. Hillit Mazor,  the archeological house, open competition.
Dr . Ami Ran Hi- Rise residential buildings, is a bluff higher or less dense.
Rachel Ben Aharon,  Now in the country, summer pavilion , Ramat Gan museum.
Shira Shenton,  private home in the city, House of the Season, .
Rachel Ben Aharon,  curiosity, architectural events.
Bonnie Eavans,  exposition in Shanghai, Expo 2010.

AI# 82
Dr, Ami Ran , editorial - this summer we're eating plasticine.
Bonnie Evans,  the knitted yarmulkes , Rafael Vinoly,
Tamar Gat,  when Craig met Ming, hodgetts + architecture.
Rachel Ben Aharon,  conservation in the spirit, Gutman  Museum- Beit Hasofer.
Ami Ran,  Efrat  Friedland,  the truth behind the substance, materials and building technologies.
Shira Shenton,  house and flat of the season, wooden plate house and rewritten flat.
Rachel Ben Aharon,  curiosity , architectural events.
Hillit Mazor,  in search of packaging, rene van zuuk.
Ami Ran,  imagery or imagination,  the role of metaphor in architecture.

AI# 83
Dr. Ami Ran, editorial - cynicism - heaven forbid.
Arch ,Ilan Kariv , Prof . Henry Abramovitch. ,where has the arch gone, annals of the Hurva Synagogue.
Irit Ron,  Ami Ran,  training base 1, transformations of training base city.
Dr. Ami Ran,  not necessarily small, compact dimension of architecture.
Shira Shenton  ,House of the Season, ,  Australian extension , Melbourne.
Rachel Ben Aharon  , curiosity, architectural events.
Bonnie Evans, let's twist again, villa nm, upstate New York 2000-2006

AI# 84
Dr. Ami Ran, editorial - bless you Baruch.
Arch . Avital Bar - Shay , cultural leisure, the container museum in the Haifa Biennale.
Ami Ran interviewing arch . Gidi Bar-On, Rothschild Balfour , corner of  Bar Orian architects.
Shira Shenton , House of the Season, , between positive and negative spaces.
Arch. Tzadik Elyakim , first come first served, revolutionary master -plan in Bat-Yam.
Rachel Ben Aharon, curiosity , architectural events.
Arch. Arad Sharon , lost in Tokyo, every autumn.
Arch . Ami Ran , revolution comme revolution, industrial component of architecture.

AI# 85
Dr. Ami Ran , editorial - following you as blindman.
Dr. Ami Ran, unbearable hospitality,  how not to plan a ward.
Dikla Maor, Shanti house in the desert.
Dr. Ami Ran, interactive schools , arenas for interaction in schools.
Rachel Ben Aharon, blood vessels and heart rooms, heart building , Tel Aviv medical center.
Rachel Ben Aharon, curiosity, architectural events.
Bonnie evans, white 3 Santa Ana's Chapel , Sousanil , Portugal.
Shira Shenton, white 2 , house in Liberia, Portugal.
Bonnie Evans, white 1 - visual disorder, the role of white in visual representation.

AI# 86
Dr. Ami Ran , editorial - it works.
Dr. Ami Ran, behave yourself , architectural determinism.
Arch. Michal Aharony , the empty hand, the passage from India to Chandigarch.
Dr. Irit Tsaraf Netanyahu , 40 + , distinguished students - where are they ?
Rachel Ben Aharon, curiosity, architectural events.
Bonnie Evans , Irish cream , Odos  Archhitects.
Dr . Ami Ran - 73 +- , generation of 73 , and all the rest- History .

AI# 87
Ami Ran,  editorial - happy ending.
Project of the year & Emilio Ambasz award for green architecture,  Architect Dr. Ami Ran,  introduction.
Research Category...
Arieh Sharon & Eldar Sharon prize for creative students, student category.
Unbuilt project category.
Landscape category.
Built structures category,
Rachel Ben Aharon , curiosity, architectural events.

AI# 88
Ami Ran, editorial - from a crazy hole blows a crazy wind .
Prof . Siona Shimshi , Urban- Tel Aviv culture domain. , the Park-House.
Prof . Siona Shimshi , Urban 2 , the culture piazza.
Hillit Mazor , Urban 3 , Habima Theater.
Dr, Ami Ran , something to think of , Coherent - usually not homogenous.
Rachel Ben Aharon , curiosity , architectural events.
Prof . Shraga Kirshner , Requiem  to the white box. , Tel Aviv museum of art.

AI# 89
Dr . Ami Ran - editorial - how much positive in "negative" .
Architect Arad Sharon , competitions , have we mentioned ?
Dr . Ami Ran - food for thought , musical architecture .
Hillit Mazor , where are they now , Tau school of architecture .
Rachel Ben Aharon , curiosity , architectural events .
Bonnie Evans , place occasion and time , nieto sobejano arquittectos .

AI# 90
Dr . Ami Ran - editorial - Saborjian the genius from Iran.
Dr . Ami Ran - quality & qualification , talent and skill in the regime of cad .
Hillit Mazor , Bezalel graduates of the 90'S , where they are now :
Yoel Braidman
Nurit Agmon
Ron Rozen
Daniela Plesner
Moran Palmoni
Dana Oberzon
Gal Marom
Michael Ankava , Uri Ben Dror .
Rachel Ben Aharon , curiosity , architectural events.
Bonnie Evans , Mc'bride charles Ryan , what did form say to the function .

AI# 91
Dr . Ami Ran - editorial - Enjoy
Rachel Ben Aharon , project of the year , student category
Hillit Mazor , project of the year , Un-Built projects
Bonnie Evans , project of the year , landscape category .
Dr . Ami Ran - project of the year , research category .
Shira Shenton , project of the year , interior category .
Rachel Ben Aharon , curiosity , news & events .
Dr . Ami Ran - project of the year , built category.

AI# 92
Dr. Ami Ran , Editorial  , god keep me from cold wind
Lior Wolf , Tali Wexler , the "Nayural " landscape,  Yahalom- Tzur landscape architects
Dr. Ami Ran , the craft of survival , architect Oscar Niemeyer.
Asher Elbaz / Ami Ran , where has aesthetics disappered, food for thought.
Bonnie Evans , starting here , kindergarten in Givatayim.
Rachel Ben Aharon , urban aesthetics , house in Tamatsu, Osaka , Japan .
Bonnie Evans , functional aesthetics , offices.
Bonnie Evans , once I was a house, Shifting from function to emotion.
Rachel Ben Aharon , Curiosity , architectural events.
Dr. Ami Ran , portrait of a head, interview with architect Yitzhak Laiwand .

AI# 93
Dr. Ami Ran , Editorial  , just about
Yair Scwartz, the green between lead and bream, sustainable building rating systems
Ami Ran, Yasha Grobman, Shraga Kirshner, how smart can a phone be, spatial digitization
Hilit Mazor, Landmark, Netanya Stadium
Shira Shenton, House of the Season, , Villa Roces Bruges Belgium
Rachel Ben Aharon, Curioisty, architectural events
Bonnie Evans, Rojkind Architectos, Bless is More, Tori Tori Restaurant, Falcon Corporative Headquarters, Casa pR34, Nestle Chocolate Museum, Liverpool department store

AI# 94
Dr. Ami Ran , editorial - I close my eyes Shimon and write
Prof. Siona Shimshi, three who made history, third reich architecture
Ohad Tsfati, wisdom ethics and ritual, Sento – Japanese public baths
Hilit Mazor, food culture and the street, Taizu Asian restaurant, begin road Tel Aviv
Bonnie Evans, flat of the season, Ben Yehuda Gordon
Shira Shenton, House of the Season, , private house in Pituach
Rachel Ben Aharon, curiosity, architectural events
Dr. Ami Ran, the emperor's new clothes, building envelopes in a rating era, Campus Palmas Altas Seville Spain, Pavilion Bridge Zaragoza Expo Spain, Coca Cola Branch Madrid, Telefonica HQ district C Madrid, National Aquatics Center Beijing China

AI# 95
Dr. Ami Ran , editorial - Shnor and charity in the color of the night
Bonnie Evans, the new corridor of high-tech companies, Vmware offices Herzliya Pituach
Dr. Ami Ran, preservation cans what's in there, emotional conservation
Shira Shenton, House of the Season, , love – not what it seems, house of love Los Angeles
Hillit Mazor, dual appointment, studio Baranowitz / Amit, Tabor winery visitor center Kfar Tavor, Unique gift network for men, Yonah – open code restaurant hangar 1 Jaffa Port, Kisu cosmetics boutique Tel Aviv, Livo – olive oil boutique Rothchild boulevard Tel Aviv
Rachel Ben Aharon, curiosity, architectural events
Rachel Ben Aharon, Isthmus of one thousand lovers, crosson Clarke carnachan architects, the "Lifeguard's Hut", Eagle Nest, Coromandel Bach House, Tutukaka House, Kuaotunu House

AI# 96
Dr. Ami Ran , editorial - Big bro
The Emilio Embasz Award for Green Architecture, Project of the year, Research category
The Emilio Embasz Award for Green Architecture, Project of the year, Student category
The Emilio Embasz Award for Green Architecture, Project of the year, Landscape category
The Emilio Embasz Award for Green Architecture, Project of the year, Interior design category
The Emilio Embasz Award for Green Architecture, Project of the year, Pre-built category
Dr. Ami Ran, How close is not too close, Together we are them
Rachel Ben Aharon, curiosity, architectural events
The Emilio Embasz Award for Green Architecture, Project of the year, Built category

AI# 97
Dr. Ami Ran , editorial - Imagine a beautiful world
Dr. Ami Ran , Fell off a lorry ,Architect Prof  Avraham Yaski
Bonnie Evans, Knowledge control-the rest fashion, Teaching institution design
Dr. Ami Ran , Brain damage, Libidinal reaction to architecture
Rachel Ben Aharon, curiosity, architectural events
Architect Michal Aharoni, Hillit Mazor,Local reality in a universal game, Global revolution culture still local.

AI# 98
Dr. Ami Ran , editorial -the taste of longing for quiet.
Dr. Ami Ran , ethical irregularies in urban space, welcoming geometry.
Dr. Ami Ran , chatting with architect prof. Eli First, new chairman of the architects' association.
Dr. Hillit Mazor, the logic in front above and, vertical versus horizontal.
Bonnie Evans, cultured sport, sami ofer stadium Haifa.
Rachel Ben Aharon, curiosity, architectural events.
Dr. Ami Ran, complicated is sometimes longing for simple, why diagonally.

AI# 99
Dr. Ami Ran , Editorial, you played a tune on the guitar.
Dr. Ami Ran , architects don't die they just move away, late architect Kalman Katz.
Dr. Hillit Mazor, subjectivizing architectural gaps & voids, no light without a creck.
Shira Shenton, House of the Season, , semi-detached house in Ramat Hasharon.
Dr. Ami Ran, chat about eye level planning, landscape in the sky.
Rachel Ben Aharon, curiosity, architectural events.
Bonnie Evans, architecture is not subject to rules, snohetta peaks.

AI# 100    
Dr. Ami Ran , Editorial, living on a quarterly basis.
Dr. Ami Ran ,sarona colony tal aviv, the conservation question – and answer.
Shira Shenton, Avi Livay – Yoel Dvoriansky architects, not bored, probably not boring.
Dr. Hillit Mazor, David Nofar architects, night jump into architectural freedom.
Rachel Ben Aharon, curiosity, architectural events.
Bonnie Evans, Hagy Belzberg architects, from ramat gan to los angels and back.

AI# 101
Containment Counseling - editor architect dr. ami ran.
Duch babushka - containment relations in the new market hall, Rotterdam (MVRDV).
kilometer from Gaza, an hour from tel aviv - the new train station in Sderot (Shinar-Mann Architects).
bridge over troubled water - ami ran chats with  Architects Nili and Nir Chen.
Curiosity - Rachel Ben Aharon.
the art of ecology - 24H Architects.
AI #102
Between Dream and Reality - Ami ran; where are the 1986 Supreme Court Competition winners; Maharal Vineyard - House of the Season; Norman Hotel; Hide and seek games - Belonging Elements in Chaotic Situations.

AI #103
Winter Time - Editorial; BridgeTo the Mistress - interview with architect Nehemia Gorali; a different head - chat with architect Gilad Duvshani; Definitely Spontaneous - House of the Season; Form and Formulation.

AI #104
Coffee and Cherries - Editorial; 2015 Project of the year Competition winners.

AI #105
Salted Eggs - Editorial; Places 4-10 in 2015 Project of the year Competition; The Sea Option -  Worm and Clouded - go to the beach; What really lies behind the Housing Shortage; Highlight - the space between light and lighting; The Search Obsession - what you see is not what you get.

AI #106
% Units in Stupidity - Editorial; Cultural Center at Airport City; Kitchen, Dinning Hall and all the rest - multifunctional at Nahal Soreq; The Tree and the Apple - architect Dan Dorell was born closed yet raised afar; Architect Kedem Shinar communicates with the celery of Karmei Yosef; Constant VS Variable - the cad between architecture and interior design.

AI #107
Ostensibly a love song - Editorial; The National Center for Israeli Robustness - competition; Urban Renewal - between NOP 38 and the Evacuate for Rebuilt method; The monumental dimension - Architectural breakthrough or self glorification; A matter of common sec - things we can't see from here; Rebranding via a logistics building in the Soreq Triangle; Acoustic Comfort beyond the rest hours; Webb Yates Engineering’s architectural beauty spots.

AI #108
J.N.Fun - Editorial; Omti Ravesz’s  Forecast of Patterns of Behavior; Rintala Egertson Architects Unpredictable Grey Urban Forests; Snarky Noise Bends Round Corners; Street Furniture - the Sum of our Mistakes; Duplex Flat in Tel Aviv.

AI #109
The Sound of the Fallen Was Never Heard - Editorial; Architect Asaf Lerman Goes to the Sea only When there are high waves; Noise- A Subjective Phenomenon that doesn’t bother Those Who Make it; HoG inspiring Starting point for Architects Studios residing in the Monastery rooftop; Design Patterns - from the Greek Orders to a Basement with an Illegal Entrance; Rsidential Lobbies Replacing the Conventional Stairwell; Casa Kwantes, - MVRDV’s two facetted House in Rotterdam.

AI #110
Schleien Default - Editorial; 3D Building Printing - The New Phase in Industrial Architecture; Architectural Copyright - Architects’ Intellectual rights VS Asset Ownership; The Iluminated side of the Mountain - Finearc Architects’ Make-up Pencil; Architect Prof. Moshe Tzur Doesn’t Believe in Conflict of Interests; between Form and Content; Flat of the Season - Studio Margeza’s Apartment in Budapest.

 AI #111
Gentil Song - Editorial; 2018 Project of the year Competition winners.
AI #112
Speak for – against we are all - Editorial;
Thai termitology – Tourism in Koh Yao Noi; Behind the scenes at King's cross – The light is on nobody at home; Guest of the season – avanto architects hole in the ice; House of the season – warm smile anonymous cube; Food for thought – mixed use or mixed cliché.
AI #113
Smart Friends – Editorial; Visit to the church in Ronchamp – The tent and the caves; Worth a look – architectural photography; New trends in school design – From the class to the yard; Interview with arc. Moshe Safdie – fly far see close; Sustainable marketing – Co-working spaces;
Trust me@the bag of tall stores;
From a personal point of view – the green room; gust of the season- DMAA;
Landscape – amir avenue a place in Hadera; building conversion –
the programme& all her sisters; house of the season – Mevasert zion;
food for thought – more or less
Tuvia's choice – editorial; guests of the season – Finnish architects;
Urban – the blue gatekeepers; profile – so architecture; house of the season –
House in the Jordan valley; food for though – testosterone vs cortisol
Editorial: happy birthday; 2018-2019 Project of the year Competition winners

AI# 117.
Architect Dr. Ami Ran. editorial -from freedom to slavery; Renzo Piano; somthing to be afraid of in 3D reality; ostensibly assembled building; atarot mall, jerusalem; ramon international airport; House in upper galilee.

AI# 118.
We're still here; the egg and the chicken; yearning for attention; the transition to the small laptop; architectural events; the mirror houses.

119. Where have all the humble gone; What they teach in architectural schools - whatsapping with Dean Tasha Grobman; the move from the large drain table to the small laptop; One Syllable architecture in the twitter era; Houses in Kibbutz Regavim - liat Baavour.

120. Unworthy of all cameras’ mercy;  whatsapping with Prof. Hillel Schocken; Psychological aspects of conservation; Skijored Hyatt, Norway; The rule of visibility in architecture.

121. editorial -n we looked evolution in the eye and she sneezed in our faces. The impact of corona on architecture;  Project of the Year 2020 review - Chair Prof. Winka Dubbledam ;  building category (assaf Lerman); interior design category (Ayelet Safran); Product design category (Alon Razgour); Landscape category (Sang Day Lee); Student category (Adi Barda); Unbuilt category (Joyce Oron); Research category (Michal Rinda, Natalie Selfin).

122. Walking to Caesarea - editorial; Visible concrete VS invisible abstract; Raphael hospital (Studio Gad Halperin); Gesture to Italian architect (Salvatore Spataro); Architects paint (Architect Dr. Ami Ran Shinar, Ofer Margalit).

123. What will be our end - editorial; Natural light and complementary artificial lighting - functional and aesthetic aspects; Yehudit Bridge - Chen Architects; Simple houses spoken quietly - Tifat Chohen, Tali Luzon; Architects paint - Aric Snieder, Ziv Tidhar.

124. I saw a cypress - editorial; Asset Ashdod Hospital - Marcelo Brestovisky; Rain water and flood prevention; House of the three segments, Paulo Merlini Architects; Architect Yaron Eldad walking off the track; Architects paint - Gidi Powsner.