List of published articles 2


AI #109

The Sound of the Fallen Was Never Heard - Editorial; Architect Asaf Lerman Goes to the Sea only When there are high waves; Noise- A Subjective Phenomenon that doesn’t bother Those Who Make it; HoG inspiring Starting point for Architects Studios residing in the Monastery rooftop; Design Patterns - from the Greek Orders to a Basement with an Illegal Entrance; Rsidential Lobbies Replacing the Conventional Stairwell; Casa Kwantes, - MVRDV’s two facetted House in Rotterdam.


AI #110

Schleien Default - Editorial; 3D Building Printing - The New Phase in Industrial Architecture; Architectural Copyright - Architects’ Intellectual rights VS Asset Ownership; The Iluminated side of the Mountain - Finearc Architects’ Make-up Pencil; Architect Prof. Moshe Tzur Doesn’t Believe in Conflict of Interests; between Form and Content; Flat of the Season - Studio Margeza’s Apartment in Budapest.


AI #111

Gentil Song - Editorial; 2018 Project of the year Competition winners.


AI #112

Speak for – against we are all - Editorial;

Thai termitology – Tourism in Koh Yao Noi; Behind the scenes at King's cross – The light is on nobody at home; Guest of the season – avanto architects hole in the ice; House of the season – warm smile anonymous cube; Food for thought – mixed use or mixed cliché.


AI #113

Smart Friends – Editorial; Visit to the church in Ronchamp – The tent and the caves; Worth a look – architectural photography; New trends in school design – From the class to the yard; Interview with arc. Moshe Safdie – fly far see close; Sustainable marketing – Co-working spaces;





Trust me@the bag of tall stores;

From a personal point of view – the green room; gust of the season- DMAA;

Landscape – amir avenue a place in Hadera; building conversion –

the programme& all her sisters; house of the season – Mevasert zion;

food for thought – more or less




Tuvia's choice – editorial; guests of the season – Finnish architects;

Urban – the blue gatekeepers; profile – so architecture; house of the season –

House in the Jordan valley; food for though – testosterone vs cortisol




Editorial: happy birthday; 2018-2019 Project of the year Competition winners


AI# 117. 

Architect Dr. Ami Ran. editorial -from freedom to slavery; Renzo Piano; somthing to be afraid of in 3D reality; ostensibly assembled building; atarot mall, jerusalem; ramon international airport; House in upper galilee.


AI# 118.

We're still here; the egg and the chicken; yearning for attention; the transition to the small laptop; architectural events; the mirror houses.