Since it’s first appearance in 1988, Architecture of Israel, a highly regarded professional quarterly, has focused on the local architecture within global architectural context. Featuring unique articles of noteworthy, worldwide architectural designs, the magazine has successfully served a distinctive and significant arena for architects, designers, and students.

Editor: Architect Dr. Ami Ran
CEO: Rachel Ben Aharon

Advisory Board Members

Prof. Tigran Haas, MIT, USA
Prof. Rivka Oxman, Technion
Prof. Benamy Turkienicz, Brazil
Architect Osvaldo Stav

Architect Roni Seibert
Prof. Isaac A. Meir, Ben-Gurion University
Dr. Yasha Grobman, Dean of the faculty of Architecture and Town Planing, Technion, Haifa

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fax: +972-99-55-15-02