AI -  Architecture of Israel - is a highly regareded professional  quarterly, focusing on local architectural topics within the global contemporary context. Written since 1988 for architects, students, and others who are interested in art, design and architecture, it comprises of unique articles of the most interesting buildings in the world, serving a fine arena for professional / user interaction.

Editor: Architect Dr. Ami Ran
CEO: Rachel Ben Aharon

Advisory Board Members

Prof. Tigran Haas, MIT, USA
Prof. Rivka Oxman, Technion, Israel
Prof. Benamy Turkienicz, Brazil
Prof. Siona Shimshi, Israel
Architect Osvaldo Stav, UIA, Israel
Prof. Isaac A. Meir, Ben-Gurion University, Israel
Dr. Yasha Grobman, Technion, Haifa
Phone: +972-99-55-15-00
fax: +972-99-55-15-02

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