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אדריכלות ישראלית


פרויקט השנה - קטגוריית סטודנטים



learning from bnei brak

a radical proposal for urban densification

Ruth Gerstle, faculty of architecture

Technion, Haifa

Every year during Sukkoth, the city of Bnei Brak

increases its apartment occupancy by about

20%. Improvised constructions and structured

devices that no conventional designer could

dream of, are pulled out like drawers from the

second, third, and fourth floor, without any

hesitation or second thoughts for safety.

Ground floors expand towards the usually

neglected gardens - and no-one tweets or says

a word. At the end of the holiday, some of the

constructions get “tenure,” gradually becoming

an integral part of the random, uncontrolled

evolution of an extraordinary densification


The orthodox city is imprisoned in the limited

metropolitan area, with a birth rate that is among

the highest in Israel, while urban development

reflects the real needs of users.

Deciphering the phenomenon of this anarchist

process, the project offers a fresh reading of

the term “urban densification” rescuing a tested

model for future city development.