You played a tune on the guitar and your voice trembled


Sometimes I think that what they do to him isn’t fair. He’s not really the nerd people might think. I mean – just a member of a kibbutz who tried and successfully reached the heights of Israeli politics without any apparent talent. Few people know that he was an outstanding student in high school and played the clarinet in Haifa's youth orchestra. During his military service he served as Squad Commander; he was an outstanding sergeant and finished military service with the rank of Staff Sergeant. Later on he was a dairy farmer on kibbutz, operated a bulldozer and, during the Yom Kippur War, he fought fiercely in the occupation of Suez. After the war he joined the regular army, graduating with honors from an officers' course, and went on to excel in all his military duties... He was wounded, recovered, and went to university, but somehow he was always persuaded to return, until he was appointed Chief of Staff. Politically right-wing, he opposed the Gaza separation and his tenure as Chief of Staff came to an end. Returning to university, he studied, studied, studied until, in March 2013, he was appointed Defense Minister and started running our lives according to his worldview whereby what doesn’t work with force might perhaps work with more force.


Listen, Moshik, it's no secret that you messed up big time in the war, especially with the issue of the tunnels. You and everyone behind, in front, and above you just didn’t get it that no power on earth can defeat spirit. Far be it from me to lecture you and others like you, and really, I don’t blame you. Think what you like about neighbors, I also wouldn’t mind getting rid of some of mine. But as an architect, I’ve learned that you think before you act, and I’m not at all sure that what you think is what I think. However, since you’re so skillfully cooking up the next intifada (and, probably, a war for dessert), I'm worried.

I’m speechless, Bogie, but I trust that as a music lover and clarinet player you are familiar with Yankale Rotblit’s enchanting song:
“I was alone and I lost my way
And you came, you came to me in time.
You gave me your hand, you showed me the way to many things
You brought a smile as beautiful as a flower and the strength to believe”.
(But you didn’t seem to notice that...)
“Things you see from there you don’t see from here”.

I read that the Cabinet is afraid that in the next war, Hezbollah will try to conquer part of the Galilee by tunneling under the border fence; and Bibi says many billions more will be needed for the defense budget.
Mr. Defense Minister, I’ve been in possession of secret information for weeks now, ever since I read that the Research Department of Archaeology at the University of Birmingham discovered an entire city beneath the prehistoric site of Stonehenge; they uncovered temples, burial sites and ... miles and miles of long tunnels.

I wouldn’t bother you with this “architectural” information if it weren’t written there in black and white that this simple mapping was done two years ago by means of ordinary underground radar, long before Hamas taught us an important lesson in archaeological excavation. I Googled and found out the names of two professors who’ve been studying Stonehenge for several years - Dimiter Angelov, Professor of Byzantine History, and no less important – Eamonn Baldwin (might even be a Jew), Research Fellow in Remote Sensing, VISTA (Don’t worry, I saved you the link).
I have to say that as things look right now, I’m worried that your next stop might be the Prime Minister’s office, and that's scary.
“Spirit rose in me, a singing spirit, and time seemed to stand still, and I remember each flavor and scent ...”

You gave me a ‘hand’, Bogie. Do me a favor and take it back.


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