Australian Extension, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Vader House is an extension of a Victorian terrace house in an urban neighborhood of Fitzroy Melbourne, Australia. Built prior to the introduction of height regulations, the unusually high masonry boundary wall dwarfs the new extension built according to present regulations, humorously creating the imagery of a sneaking cat.

Sophisticated use of the gap between the new and the old actually doubles the built area of the house. Within this, most of the spaces are multi-functional. Thus for instance: the inner courtyard is an inter-space acting as the central part of the house; the space beneath the staircase serves for storage; the aluminum louvers allow controlled protection from the sun while preserving privacy; and the sliding timber deck outside is also a trapdoor to the cellar.

The airy, well-lit new walls stand in opposition to the existing massive ones, forming a refined meshing of building materials and colors, emphasizing the beauty of the creative planning. Responsible for this is the young architect Andrew Maynard, whose reputation has way exceeded the borders of Australia. 

An award-winning prodigy who graduated only in 1998, Maynard soon gained world-wide interest especially regarding his private homes, after setting up his private office in 2002 when only 27. Prior to this he had gained experience at leading offices such as Woods Bagot Melbourne, Six Degrees Architects, and Richard Rogers in London. 

Most of AMA's projects encompass a social statement, climate awareness and humorous dynamics, while deliberately shying away from a distinct personal style.

AMA Team: Andrew Maynard, Mark Austin, Matthew McClurg

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