summer pavilion in the ramat gan museum of art

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summer pavilion in the ramat gan museum of art

An interesting initiative of the Ramat Gan Museum of Art is its attempt to emulate the summer pavilion put up every year at the Serpentine Gallery in London. Considered one of the most prestigious concepts in the world of architecture, the British enterprise is planned every year by a different leading architect, who is invited by the gallery to design a temporary summer pavilion as he sees it. Participants have included world-renown figures like Toyo Ito, Zaha Hadid, and Jean Nouvel, who planned the pavilion this year.

The Ramat Gan pavilion was planned by the Knafo-Klimor office, under the title ?Residential Phrases - Towards Sustaining Urbanism?. The conceptual pavilion is built of four structures, each representing an alternative option to the living space, assuming that the standard apartment no longer suits the family unit in the crowded, flexible, and mobile urban reality. Simple, modest and esthetic.

Knafo-Klimor Architects

Ami Ran

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