Israel 1939-1956

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israel 1939-1956

Born in Hungary, David Farkas immigrated to Israel in 1932 after being fired from his banking position in Hamburg due to being a Zionist Jew. Here he managed the Jerusalem branch of Feuchtwanger Bank - a position that enabled him to help many of the kibbutzim at their time of settling.

An amateur photographer and lover of the land, Farkas immortalized the country’s landscape, and the settlements during their formation. Through the photos and postcards he sent to his beloved future wife Murishka, he convinced her to come to Israel before the Second World War. For this he even went back to Hungary and married her, together returning here and making their home, like many of the 5th Aliya, in the Rehavia neighborhood of Jerusalem.

In 1956 they had to move to Switzerland due to Murishka’s severe illness. From there they moved to Hamburg, where Farkas was administrative director of the Jewish hospital till he passed away in 1980.

An album found by his daughter Ilana Majus contained photos he had taken from 1932 to 1956, and several postcards taken by Photo Brenner and Efraim Erde of Tel Aviv (father of the well-known architecture photographer Ran Erde). A selection of the photos were organized into a PowerPoint presentation by his son-in-law - architect Eli Majus - and subsequently posted on the Internet, getting numerous responses from the country and the world over. Many identified themselves or their relatives, made contact and told their personal stories.

In these photos we see a fine opportunity to look back, know where we come from, and perhaps understand where we are going.

Ami Ran

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