The Archeological House

The Archeological House

A 1,200 year old structure was uncovered during the digging prior to building a house in Ramat Yishai. After completing the salvage digging required by law, the Antiquities Authority allowed the Yesodot Haemek Company from Nahalal to cover the structure with earth and continue building the new house above it as planned. The company owners, who regarded the discovery as an exciting event, decided to hold an architecture competition enabling the public to come up with creative ideas. The idea was to preserve the ancient structure in a manner that would grant both structures an added value.

With 50 architects registered for the competition, nine entries were considered applicable and presented to a judging panel. Headed by Prof. Saadia Mandel - chairman of the Council for the Preservation of Buildings and Historical Sites, the panel included architects Michael Fieldman, Prof. Benamy Turkienicz from Brazil, and Dr. Ami Ran.

The owners of the company, who invested time and resources in the competition, believe that the success of the unique enterprise, both at the creative level and at the economic one, will contribute to the preservation of nature and landscape - an important cornerstone of the building heritage.

First place: Architect Uri Cohen.

Second place: Shahar Lulav and Oded Rosenkier SO Architecture.

Third place: Architect Michael Vaknin.

Fourth place: Joint work of architects Shai Allaluf, Zvika Kamil and Hadas Dahan.

Other proposals submitted to judging were:

Joint work of architects Tamar Nassie, Tamir Hativa and Michal Greenbaum;
Joint work of architects Hani Gilhar and Tami Shoalev;
Work of Abed Badran - Badran Architecture and Engineering;
Work of architects Omer Barr and Amit Mandelkern of studio o2a.

Ami Ran

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