Readers Write

Readers Write

The proper credit for the Social Work and Social Involvement Building at Ben Gurion University, which was awarded first place in the Building Category of 2007/8 Project of the Year competition, is: Principal architect - Raquel Vert - Vert Architects; in association with Irit Axelrod, Yasha Grobman - Axelrod-Grobman Architects.

Also, the Msc. paper of architect Abed Badran, which was awarded third place in the Research Category, was tutored by Prof. Rivka Oxman, of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion.

Prizes and Competitions

The works that reached the final stage of the Project of the Year Competition in the last two years will be shown at Zezeze Gallery, Tel Aviv Port, at the beginning of June. Application for Project of the Year Competition 2009 will open concurrently in our web site:

First prize in the Rechter Prize for Architecture went this year to Mayslits-Kassif Architects, for planning the open spaces at the Tel Aviv Port. Other works that reached the final stage are: a mashrabiyah house at Beit-Safafa by architect Sinan Abedelkader; Hagalil Winery by Weinstein-Vaadia Architects; and Yad Vashem Museum by Safdie Architects. The jury included architects Bracha Hyutin (chair), Gabi Shwartz, Dr. Alona Nitzan-Shiftan, and Mrs. Idit Amichai - representative of the Ministry of Science, Culture and Sports which has awarded the prize for the last 4 years.

The Pritzker Prize for Architecture was awarded this year to Swiss architect Peter Zumthor - mainly for the Vals spa he had planned in 1996. Unique in its stringent style, the project is made of quartz stones and bare concrete, as opposed to the Swiss ?Heidi-style? houses of the small village. Zumthor?s unique interpretation is based on water flowing in a quarry-like structure, with the entrance accordingly made through an underground tunnel connecting the lobby to the main pool. The jury, including architects Shigeru Ban and Renzo Piano, admired the project for its architectural integrity, and respect for the site.

Architect Phu Hoang received the Young Architects Forum prize awarded annually by the Architectural League?s Urban Center Galleries to six young designers. Born in Vietnam, Hoang moved to the USA in 1975, and worked at the offices of Michael Hopkins and Bernard Chumi, with whom he tutored architecture studio at Colombia University. Teaching at prestigious universities such as Yale and Pennsylvania, he now tutors a studio at Pratt Institute - where he encourages students to seek creative solutions to problematic situations around the globe (see also article on the Seas Canal in AI 76). Among the recipients of the prize, awarded since 1981, are some of our friends: Steven Holl, Stan Allen and Preston Scott Cohen.

Nir-Kutz Architects won the closed competition for the planning of the control center of the Urban Transport Routes in the Tel Aviv district. Other offices participating in the competition were: Faitelson-Shilo- Jacobson, Ariyeh Shilo, Dagan Mocshly and Moshe Vered who at the time had planned the control center of Highway 6. To be located in Volovsky Garden near the Arlozorov train station, the building will include green elements in the spirit of the times. Upon completion in 2012, all the transportation problems of Tel Aviv district will be controlled from there, including the light train that will seemingly never be completed. Till then - all Tel Avivians should hold their breath.

Winner of the 2008/9 Azrieli Prize for Urban Building is ?Story Garden? - an environmental sculpture project carried out by artists in about 30 gardens around Holon. With the design inspired by children?s stories, the gardens are a lever in turning Holon into the ?City of the Children?. Adults who don?t yet have kids can - in the meantime - enjoy the multi-aged city of Tel Aviv.


?Arte-zachen? - an exhibition shown now at The Hava Ecological Art Gallery, Holon includes works pertaining to various connotations of the home. Hanehoshet St., corner of Hamelacha, Holon. Tel: 03-5596590. Closing on May 23rd.

The Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv is exhibiting works of Lotte Cohen, Israel?s first lady architect who was also the first woman in the Architects and Engineers Organization in Berlin. Lotte Cohen was born in 1893 in Charlottenburg, Germany, where she studied architecture. Her first works were the Nahalal agricultural school for girls, and Pension Kaethe Dan in Tel Aviv. The exhibition and catalogue shed light for the first time on her unknown works, while also examining the state of some of her buildings. Closing: 28.5.09


MIMOA World Architecture Festival will take place in Barcelona on 4-6 November.

The central event in the Tel Aviv centenary festivities, and possibly the central project in Mayor Huldai?s term, was the convention of urban sustainability. Taking place at the Performing Arts Center, the convention was decorated with large screens alongside smaller ornamental panels. Although the speakers were carefully selected, only one of them provided the goods - Charles Landry, who in the course of two days managed to document on his camera the weaknesses and pitfalls of the city that developed with no plan - probably the main reason for its world fame. The Tel Avivians from their side proved their uniqueness in applauding his artificial critique with endless hand-clapping.

Two other foreign stars who filled the hall mainly with students were Jakob van Rijs of MVRDV who spoke in his sleep about his right-and-ready presentation - scores of tiny urban plans floating around the screen, and Shigeru Ban whose greatness is in building temporary cardboard structures - the complete opposite of the concept of sustainability. Of the 18 mayors of twin cities and just simpaticos who took pride in their achievements in transportation, parking, sewage, and demography, noteworthy was the Mayor of Vienna who stated conclusively to his colleagues that in 30 years they would be remembered for nothing but their advancement of culture and art.

Reported by our faithful representative, Prof. Siona Shimshi.


The widening gap between the wealthy residing in luxury towers and the people sharing impossible apartments in derelict buildings is emptying the big cities of the middle-class population. Initiatives such as building for rental or neighborhoods designed for the middle-class occur only abroad. In view of this, the second year studio tutored by Prof. Gadi Heller of TAU searched for solutions to cheap residential building, without skipping over any of the best gimmicks - recycling, modules, area exploitation, etc.

Graduate of Shenkar?s Textile Design department, Moshe Roas, won first prize in the competition that took place during the TALENTE Exhibition for young designers in Munich, presenting his final project ?Untitled - Alternative Planes and Objects?. Roas?s unique approach is based on - fashion follows fabric.

Ideas developed by students at the workshop for experiential designing of hotels, in the Dept. of Interior Design at the Administration College, will be adopted by the Atlas hotel chain. Directed by Efrat Yadid Ben-Ezra, the workshop encouraged students to develop new ideas that could enrich the hotel experience for marketing purposes. Three students planned hotels in which the guest determines the type of experience, suiting it to his specific needs: Oren Milstein suggested direct contact with the chambermaid, Naama Klein offered the guest information projected on a wall screen instead of the customary brochures, and Alex Lobimoff enables his guests to take on characters from the world of theater.

First place in the student competition held within the Jerusalem Seminar of Architecture was won by three students from Bezalel - Aya Freund, Shlomi Asulin, and Roi Friedman. The second and third places went to students of the Architecture School at the Ariel University Center - Aviram Biton and Hillit Carmon.

?Creating a Place? - a student exhibition of graduates of the track for design and interior architecture of Ort Kfar Sava College was shown during March. Alin Zohar and Hagit Shechter created a guitar-like structure, under the title ?Musikol?. Enriched with musical elements, the buildin includes the Solasi caf?, a musical instrument shop, a CD shop and more. Students and teachers should again read the article ?You can?t see the sea for the fish? in AI #68.


Published by Detail, the book ?Housing for People of all Ages? contains examples of residences for the elderly, emphasizing the importance of adapting the residences to the rapidly changing needs. Highly recommended for anyone who is learning to swim in this troubled water.

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