Unbuilt projects category

Unbuilt projects category

Swabhumi Hotel and Culture Complex, Kolkata, India

Located on detoxified land-fill of ?The City of Joy?, the new complex is designed to express the multi-layers of the vibrant and chaotic city life. The radiator-like structures are intended to encourage informal encounters in cafes, shops, and street events, thus enriching the formal functions of the hotel, library and gallery. Studio Morphologies, New Delhi

The Sammy Ofer Heart Center, Suraski Medical Center, Tel Aviv, 2010

Perceived as a ?resuscitation? of the historic building of Ichilov Hospital, the new cardiology building will include blood-vessel-like hovering passages, and heart-like balconies adorning the cubic facade to the street. The new building will be surrounded by healing gardens, some of them incorporated into the interior. Arad Sharon - Nir Yashar - Arieh Sharon Eldar Sharon Architects; Ranni Ziss Architects Project architects: Erez Tal, Nirit Pilosof

The Globe Museum, Modi?in, 2008

Located in the planned leisure center of Modi?in, the museum will sit in an ?excavated archaeological site?. Simulating a prehistoric creature, the ?tail? will hold the entrance, reception and facilities; the ?head? - the exhibits; and the ?spine? will tell the history and origin of the place. Team Architects Zvika Tamari, Omri Kedem, Dror Garti

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