Landscape Category

Landscape category

Hosting 2008 - International Biennale of Urban Landscape, Bat-Yam

Multi-participant urban event, inviting architects, designers and artists to breathe life into neglected corners of the city. Under the title ?Hosting 2008?, 30 projects presented diverse solutions for creating transient ?outdoor rooms? - arenas for interaction between residents and the many visitors who came from all over, thanks to a well-organized campaign.

Curators: Sigal Barnir, Tamar Darel-Fossfeld and Yael Moria-Klain

Bottom left: ?Urban Game? - project by the Irbool Group (City Mix) in which visitors created their own interpretation of ?a place in the city?. The process was documented and screened on site.

?Real Estate? - Transient Private Spaces - project in the International Biennale Bat-Yam, 2008

A flexible concrete mattress (hydrotex), unfurled on the acoustic barrier of the Ayalon freeway, to serve as a platform for personal interpretations by the cul-de-sac passers-by. Architect Avi Laiser, performing artist Dana Hirsch-Laiser, Misgeret - the theatre group of the Offer Community Center.

Renovation of the Sea Wall, Jaffa Port, 2007

Shortening a drainage pipe that had crossed the beach, and adding on a water-purification plant, the project also included the construction of a descent to the beach with an observation balcony. A segment of the limestone wall from the Ottoman city, exposed during the work, was incorporated into the wall originally constructed by the British in 1931. Eitan Eden architects

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