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Students category

?Prison with Invisible Walls?, Beit Egged, Haifa

A utopian project questioning the anachronistic tendency to distance prisoners from society, even when subject to rehabilitation. In the spirit of sustainable architecture, the project suggests re-inhabiting the abandoned Beit-Egged, one of Haifa?s most prominent complexes, as a prison without visible walls, thereby assimilating it within other urban functions. Manor Sisso, Alejandro Fajnerman, final project, Technion, Haifa, 2008 Tutors: Gabi Shwartz, Dan Eitan, Julia Omanski

Life in the Backyard, Ha?aliya Market

The project suggests renovating the neglected market, which has become a nuisance in south Tel Aviv. Contrary to the municipal plan that aims to erect a prestigious residential tower in its place, the project proposes a low-fabric multi-purpose structure, to act as an urban memory merging into its surroundings, socially and stylistically. Esty Ilgaev, Michael Peled, final project, Technion, Haifa, 2008 Tutors: Dan Eitan, Gabi Shwartz, Julia Grinkrug

MUSE - Center for Promoting Popular Music, Sheinkin St, Tel Aviv

Rhythmic, sensitive and accessible domain in the Bauhaus style - the complex intends to promote popular music of young musicians, while serving as a cultural meeting place between the musicians and local residents. Nava Aelek, final project, School of Engineers, Tel Aviv University, 2005 Tutor: Architect Orit Svitzki.

?Lesson in Urban Embroidery?, Florentine, Tel Aviv

Dealing with the mutual relation between the city and its education institutes, the built mass is scattered throughout the neighborhood, exploiting the potential of existing structures as galleries, classes and cafes. Nancy Sandelovitch, Meirav Rauchberger, final project, Technion, Haifa, 2008. Tutors: Prof. Moshe Tzur, Prof. Iris Aravot.

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