Interior design category

Interior design category

PRS offices, Europe Israel House, Tel Aviv, 2007

Plastic hives, developed during the Vietnam War for rapid road paving, were adopted in the PRS offices as a design material to create partitions and ceilings. The semi-transparent material lends a feeling of softness, enabling natural light penetration that saves on artificial lighting, thus decreasing the use of air-conditioners. Movement in the office changes the relation to the plastic strips, varying the exposure to the scenery and the office sections. Adjusted by screws, the required density of the partition can be determined by each of the workers. Paritzki - Liani Architects

Memorial Site for Yechiam Convoy,
Kibbutz Yechiam, 2008

On 27.3.48 a supply and rescue convoy left Nahariya for the besieged kibbutz Yechiam. The convoy, 90 fighters in seven armored trucks, was ambushed near the cemetery of the Arab village El-Cabri, and 47 soldiers were killed in the battle. On the 60th anniversary of the event it was decided to redesign the commemorating space for the convoy fallen and kibbutz members who died in Israel?s wars. Adopting the technique used to armor the trucks, the design is a paraphrase of the folded steel. The clean space draws attention to the images of the fallen, accentuated by concealed lighting - natural and artificial. Shachar Lulav, Oded Rozenkier Architects

First Floor ?Penthouse?, Tel Aviv, 2008

Examining the relation between private and public, the design questions dogmas typical of the contractor apartment. Using diagonal walls, it assimilates the living and sleeping spaces, while inviting in the outside - normally kept away for privacy. Architect Guy Zucker

Lobby of Jubilee Tower - Government Building, Hakirya, Tel Aviv, 2008

Designed to conceal a massive staircase, the sculptured wall grants the lobby a light and contemporary appearance, distinguishing it from the institutional lobby of the adjacent governmental domain. Within this, all the visual components combine to a flowing composition delineated by the lighting slits. Aliza Sheinzone Matalon - Sheinzone Studio

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