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Spitzer-Salant School of Social Work and Deichman Center for Social Interaction,
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, 2008

Located on the western side of the campus, the buildings delineate the east side of Deichman Piazza, thus creating a representative complex facing the city. Shaded courtyards and intimate sitting corners fit into a lit structural scheme, well adjusted to the desert climate conditions.
Raquel Vert - Vert Architects; Irit Axelrod,
Yasha Grobman - Axelrod-Grobman Architects.
Project team: Simon Park, Shirley Bar, Orit Tzabari.
Landscape architects: Yaron - Ari Architects

'Casa no Gerês' - Weekend family house, the Cavado River preservation area, north Portugal, 2006.
Referring to the existing ruins on site, the clear concrete structure expressively maintains its own character.
Correia-Ragazzi Architects - Graça Correia, Roberto Ragazzi.
Project Team: Ana Neto Vieira, Susana Silva, Telmo Gomes, Katharina Wiederman, Pedro Gama.

Visiting Center, Ramat Hanadiv Gardens, Zichron Yaacov, 2007
Located at the entrance to the gardens, the building acts as a meeting place for the diverse visiting groups. A curvilinear composition extending along app. 150 m, the berm-like building contains an auditorium, classes, exhibition space, a cafeteria, and administration rooms. Three passages cross the berm, connecting the parking area with the open foyer which overlooks the tranquil scenery.
Ada Karmi-Melamede Architects
Architecture: Ada Karmi-Melamede.
Project architects: Yuval Amitzi, Guy Teomi.
Design team: Dror Hai, Yasmin Avissar, Michal Shefer,
Duffy Half, Dalia Nachman-Farhi.
Landscape architect: Amir Blum.

Private home, Herzliya Pituach, 2008
A monochromatic architectural line is granted by a 3D encounter between horizontal spaces and vertical walls, while architectural richness is achieved through non-material components - light, transparency, and reflection. Within this, the openings regulate the light and shades, accentuating the difference between the various masses, each made of a different material - bare concrete, wood, glass and metal.
Pitsou Kedem Architects
Project team: Pitsou Kedem, Hagar Arad, Irena Raz.

FRIGGEBOD - auxiliary structure, Uppsala, Sweden, 2008
Six frames of various forms express the relation between  the straight line and the diagonal. Connected to the frames by an upper axis, the southern opaque walls may become
a porch ceiling, while the northern transparent walls let in natural light during the day, and reflects indoor activities outward in the evening.
Ronnie Friedman A5 Architects.
Landscape architects:
Magnus Hogland, Stina Blomquist.
Lighting: Florence Hermansson.

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