The uncertainty of routine

<body><p><font size="4"><strong>The Uncertainty of Routine</strong></font><br><img style="width: 455px; height: 512px;" src="/issues/76/images/editor%5Fchirico.jpg" border="0"></p> <p>&nbsp;<br><font size="3">editorial<br><br>It&rsquo;s real fun writing the editorial when everything has miraculously settled into place: the articles flow like the morning prayer - laden with intentions yet leaving space for the readers&rsquo; interpretation; the pictures look modestly yet sharply at a reality dependent on no-one&rsquo;s, not even mine; and the captions, divest of any extra schmaltz, depict with minimum words the most that can be drawn out of each building -&nbsp; the constraints in bringing about its completion, as we know, far exceeding the good intentions imbued in its planning. <br><br>Routine is the automatic pilot of our lives; a sequence of good or bad habits without which it&rsquo;s hard to navigate the day. Every day a volley of rockets on the western Negev, every other day a rewarded retaliation, every week - a weekend, every month VAT, every year income tax, every two years elections, every four years a &ldquo;visit&rdquo; to Gaza, every six - a Hizbullation war, every eight - an intifada, and every ten - an earthquake in Japan, a flood in the USA or a tornado in the stock-exchange. <br><br>&ldquo;Habit is the beneficent harness of routine which enables silly men to live respectfully and unhappy men to live calmly&rdquo;, said the Victorian writer Mary Ann Evans, and decided to use the masculine pen name of George Eliot, so that women too would read her novels. I haven&rsquo;t yet decided what is better - to be a fool and live in dignity on architecture, or to let my habits keep me miserable by going on writing about architecture in a world that long has only gimmicks, gadgets, and empty spaces - on our side, but especially on theirs. <br><br>Luckily, in every routine there is also an element of uncertainty, which lends each doing a bit of expectation, without which even the most enjoyable routines could end with dissatisfaction. <br><br>These words are being written with the elections imminent, while the voices of the forced war are still screeching with uncertainty. No-one yet knows how Evett&rsquo;s &ldquo;immigration&rdquo; will impact Israel, whether the spring knows it has to come already, or the summer will fall upon us with the wrath of a shaming drought. <br><br>It&rsquo;s a fools&rsquo; consolation that, in spite of the global economy slump, our war is still producing work for the building industry - here and there, but especially there. Somebody cynically suggested building up Gaza &ldquo;modularly", but then the architects, who are extremely worried about tomorrow, would be superfluous - which may yet be our consolation. <br><br>I think it will be fun writing the editorial when all has miraculously settled into place.<br><br>george eliot junior <br><br>p.s. dr. ami ran &nbsp;<br></font><br></p></body>

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