Architects illustrating abstract ideas

joy / sadness
Architects illustrating abstract ideas
Ami Ran

Among the factors affecting the form of a building and the way it is experienced, one may naturally include the following: purpose of the building, location, connection with other spaces, user’s needs and aspirations, statutory restrictions, budget, topography, climate, light orientation, winds, culture, concept, and overt or concealed influence of energy.

All these, however, cannot a building make without an architect, who imbues these abstract terms with concrete expression. This he accomplishes by virtue of his training, skills, experience, and especially - his subjective world of concepts.

To examine how the world of concepts differs from one architect to another, from time to time AI asks a number of architects to illustrate two opposing abstract concepts.

This time we chose ‘joy’ and ‘sadness’.

The results are presented here, side by side with a respective building planned by each of the architects.

illustrations ahead

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