Domain for lost parents, Herzliya Marina

Atlantis adventure
Domain for lost parents, herzliya marina

The story of the lost island of Atlantis is one of the most intriguing unsolved riddles of history. Plato mentioned it in his Timaeus and Critias dialogues as an island that had sunk to the depths of the sea following severe earthquakes. Critias tells that the island was built of circular strips of land and sea along which stood colorful gilded temples. The location of the island, which probably included ten city-states, is unknown, although descriptions would place it beyond the straits of Gibraltar, in its namesake - the Atlantic Ocean.

The Atlantis Adventure Club is, however, located at the east side of the Arena mall in the Herzliya marina. Making use of the fascinating story to give kids (and their parents) a mysterious respite, it gradually reveals itself through a sequence of imaginative attractions.

Extending over 1200 sq.m, the space was intended to serve as one of the mall’s anchors. However, in contrast to usual brand-shops meant to attract buyers, this one draws various age groups looking for recreation in a protected atmosphere.

Corresponding to the theme, the place is designed as an imaginary city that had sunk into the sea, creating its own inner world. The attractions - the “city centers” - are connected by “streets”, with resting corners along them where parents can relax while looking after their fun-having kiddies.

The main entrance is designed as an ancient mysterious gate - a dark mouth that invites the curious to peek in. The floor is designed as the sea floor, the columns are sea flora, and one may climb the walls between the "fish".

The entire space is controlled by a central turbo sound system which operates the light bodies, washing the design components with colorful light, enhancing the atmosphere of mystery.

The attractions include: a multi-activity amusement installation for climbing, crawling, sliding, hiding, swinging; a sponge-ball shooting range; a mini-omega; a ball pool; a navigation pool of marine animals; crash-cars; wall-climbing; bull’s eye shooting; theme simulators; computer games; a “hovering” carousel; a birthday party space; a performance stage designed as a sandy island on the sea floor, for theater, bands and karaoke.

Architect Zvika Tamari. TEAM Architects

Photos: Eyal Bartov.

Ami Ran

Illustrations ahead

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