Interior Design

First place interior category - Library for design books in a design mall, Ramat Gan, 2006

A civilized quiet place amid a commercial flashy space.

Stav Architects - Daniel Azerrad, Iftach Issacharov, Itai Shmutter,

collaboration with Pazit Shmutter


Second place interior category - Global Factoring Office, Herzliya Industrial Park

Light slits on a minimalist background with complementary graphics create a working space that typically emits business transparency and strict accuracy.

Irit Exelrod Architects - Irit Exelrod, Orit Tsabri-Elmalieh


Shared third place interior category - The Third Ear, Maxim House,Tel Aviv 2005

Situated at the core of the design concept, the audio/video products help

generate the proper atmosphere for cultural encounters.

Studio Gad - Gad Halperin, Shelli Gavish-Sharon


Shared third place interior category - Boeing Headquarters,Tel Aviv, 2005

Glass and stainless steel partitions aim to express the company’s essence, while allowing penetration of natural light.

Auerbach Ha’Levi Architects and Engineers

Participating Architects: Uri Ha’Levi, Maya Elazar, Tal Faist

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