House in the Sharon AREA



Mies van der Rohe proved time and again that good architecture does not necessarily make a good building. Most of his buildings expressed, on the one hand, a transparency which projected outside the intelligence of the structure, while on the other - abstract spaces lacking any tangible reference for identification.  

The house presented here does not at all fall into such a problematic dichotomy, as it is regarded by its owners as “an ideal”, while not screaming out any pretentious aspirations. However, the somewhat obsessive endeavors of the architect to refrain from any dispensable “homelike” ornamentation may raise the eyebrow of some.

This almost provocative act does, nevertheless, exhibit a certain degree of daring: when architecture is at the center of the scene, details are exposed to critique. Worthy of attention is the use of finishing materials, their junction points, and the strict architectural rhythm. Within that context, one may mention the sculptural stairs standing in the middle, and hidden furniture which blends in with walls and doors.

All are rightly emphasized by natural light penetrating through the shutters during the day and by artificial light at dark.

Architect: Pitsou Kedem.

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