1. Dear architect Amnon Rechter, After devoting eighteen pages of our last issue to the memory of your father, Yacov Rechter, maybe you can tell us what’s bugging you? Perhaps it’s because of a bit of criticism? Without it, there would be no treating architecture seriously.

            2.  Photographs for our last issue’s article about the CDJC - Memorial du Martyr Juif Inconnu in Paris, were taken by Jachin Hirsch. Archives photos courtesy CDJC. We apologize for the omission.


Awards and Competitions

            The Rehovot Municipality in cooperation with the Architect’s Association has announced a public competition for designing Rehovot’s Yad Lebanim (memorial center). Details and participation forms can be purchased at the association’s office: 03-5188235/6.

            The Israel Electric Corporation, together with the Architect’s Union, held an intellectual competition for planning and designing a number of the company’s installations. First place in the ‘pillars’ category went to Moshe Elimelech of Zuma Architects. Basing his idea on the saying 'If you can’t beat them, join them', he turned the pillars into a functional advertising board. Elimelech also took the prize for the ‘fences’ category. First prize in the category of ‘integrated high and low tension poles’ went to Elisha Lewy. Designer Eilon Armon took first in the category of ‘secondary transformation stations’.

            The Architects and City Planners Union (the 'Goodovitch Group') have announced the Yitzhak Rabin International Forum competition for solutions to pedestrian and motorized traffic in re-planning Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square as an international peace forum. The deadline (for a modest $100 registration fee) - September 10, 2001. Entries (accompanied by an English explanation) must be submitted by October 3, 2001. Judges are Harry Sidler, Arata Isozaki, Massimiliano Fuxas, Zvi Hecker and representatives of the Rabin family. Total prizes are valued at $50,000. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we congratulates the union chairman, Architect Goodovitch, for his efforts in blocking the Tel Aviv Municipality’s intentions of doing whatever it wants with Rabin Square. Time has come for authorities to realize that public areas belong to the entire public, and not just to those running it.



            'The Municipal Summit Meeting 2001' - a conference on municipal services and environmental planning, will be held in Singapore on September 12-13, 2001. Subjects under discussion are problems with the environment, living quarters, and transportation in large cities worldwide. Participants can choose one of three areas at the conference: smart cities, municipal planning, and healthy environment. For details call: 65-580-8393 or fax: 65-580-8300.



            'Crutches', an exhibition by Gila Kaplan and Sami Bardugo, at the Architect House’s Gallery in Yaffa until August 30, 2001. The exhibition looks at urban space through the  human experience. The idea is to Illustrate the continuing dialogue between private and public, by means of characters who are imprisoned in psychographic space. It came out of a 'chat' between the two artists, a photographer and a writer -  between written text and visual images.


On the Verge of Architecture

            Arik Katzav – A sculptor and painter with a background in electronics, creates sophisticated displays from sand, human hair, silicon, paints, and metal coated paper. Electrical welding cuts into the metal, exposing the paper according to the artist’s wishes, creating interesting and decorative boards. Remember the artist’s name - you can get his phone number from the AI offices.



            The third graduating class of Tel Aviv University’s School of Architecture has completed its studies. On the day when students’ final projects were submitted, we were particularly impressed with second-year student Ariel Goshen, who sat in the hallway sketching in pencil on a conventional drafting board. The scene was a welcome contrast to the computer renderings displayed all over, revealing the eternal problem of the student - disconnection from reality.  The same phenomenan is to be found elsewhere, especially  at the Technion. Its stature has sunk over the last two years since the birth of the Tel Aviv 'Renewed Brut' school and the irrelevant is gaining strength. At the Tel Aviv event, the work of student Yoav Molho stood out for its poetic feelings. He designed the 'way of the light', an observation and meditation point at the edge of the Ramon Crater .

            The Council for Higher Education has given approval to the Technological Academic Institute of Holon to grant BA degrees in interior and industrial design. And while we’re on the subject, the institute’s Alona Goren and Orly Amuyal won a competition held by the Interior Architects Union for outstanding students from design schools throughout the country. Four  scholarships were granted on behalf of the Abba-Or-Dover Foundation and the Regba kitchen company. Goren, a fourth-year interior design student, calls her project ‘Theater-Street, Street-Theater’, where she tries to redefine the relationships between ‘high’ culture and ‘pop’ culture. The project offers a dynamic dialogue between activities in the theater and out on the street.

Project instructors: Yoram Nidam, Yoav Meiri.



            Five copies of ‘Dora Gad, The Israeli Presence in Interior Architecture’ are still available at the AI office. First come, first served.


            Don’t despair, the summer is almost over. And don’t be embarrassed to contribute to our magazine. Any material, including criticism, is welcomed by our staff.

            Rachel Ben-Aharon


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