House Of The Season


Built on the coastal plain, this house presents - in light of the ongoing discussion on discrimination against the Sephardic community - a different attitude towards Israeli identity, an attitude based on eclectic pluralism. The Rekanati house reflects the culture and taste of its owners, connecting with Israeli reality and its unique climate and location on the Mediterranean coast. The idea was to utilize a maximum of local 'Israeli' motifs and materials, particularly high ceilings, stone arches,  polished stone from ancient Acre, and furniture in an undefined style. The southern side of the house is almost bereft of windows. To conserve water, there are no lawns, only courtyards paved with stone and peripheral greenery.

            The house, as described by Sharona Marsh Rekanati.

See illustrations up to page  69  'And such will be my home: A fortress of honor for the liberated Israeli identity, free of the burden of generational interpretation. There is a now - there is an us. Out of the earth and under the sun that holds eternity. The future is Yiddish nor the Heder.  It springs like a flowing fountain from the wisdom of King Solomon and Davids lust for Bat Sheba. This is who we are. With a certain understanding of the Kabalah in the historic development of the immediate universe. We grew from gravel into geometrical functionally shaped pitchers - the arches that gave us energies and pointed the direction out for us.'


Architect: Shalom Davidovitch (Perry-Davidovitch Architects).

Interior and garden design: Sharona Marsh Rekanati.

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