House of the season



            One of the first issues of Architecture of Israel featured a photograph of a house in Denya planned by architect Rafi Almagor. For reasons known only to the photographer, the picture failed to include the peak of the gable. In any event, we did not find the tiled roof as anything to write home about, and so did not exclude the picture from  publication.


            About two years later, I was surprised to see in one of the 'Build Your Own Home' neighborhoods in Lod, an almost identical house, also minus the peak of the gable. This (true) story leads us to realize that care must be taken to reproduce nice-looking pictures of homes, because our readers dont always look at the accompanying critique -  and the risk that the home, as shown, will become a model for imitation, requires additional caution.

            At the same time, the need to publicize beautiful homes (in a country of so few) is a necessity dictated by reality. If there are no good examples in Israel, the man in the street will continue to seek models in the foreign press. The problem is that even if they find a good house, it wont be worth it. Construction in Israel is very expensive (because one has to 'reinvent the wheel' with each house), and the clients appetite, which increases as construction progresses, leaves them, when construction is complete, with almost no funds to finish the interior.

            Taking the above into account, we are left with two alternatives: to write up new houses with unfinished interiors, or older houses with reasonable interiors. One way or the other, we have decided that each quarter -  Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter - we will present the chosen 'House of the Season', a home with at least one special detail of design.

            The first of these 'Houses of the Season' was planned by the architects Jospe-Sher. The construction rights to the site enabled the owners to build at least one additional floor. However, guided by a desire for unpretentious simplicity, they considered a one-storey home with a basement to be sufficient. The architects took up the challenge with delicacy and tact and went along with the owners approach. Although this house in the Sharon area has more than one special detail of design, the entrance facade is inviting, fresh and remarkable.





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